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Q: What the federal government's Social Security payments created budget pressures because?
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What did critics dislike about the Social Security system?

Social security came under attack because its payments were very low.

Which security tends to have a greater after tax cost to the insurer debt or preferred stock?

preferred stock, because its divident payments are not tax deductible

What do people in Latin America want from their governments?

People in Latin America want justice, freedom, security, food and safety from their governments. These are the challenges that Latin Americans have fought over the centuries because they can't seem to have them.

George W Bush Jr launched attacks against the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan because he considered their government to be?

D. A threat to national security

If you bought a vehicle and you still owed money on it can you sell it to some one and have them take over the payments?

It is not a good idea. If that person does not make any payments then you are on the hook. The ownership can not be changed anyway, because it is listed as security under a registry.

Why do diffrent places vote in their elections in diffrent ways?

Because elections are controlled by state or local governments

Why do high and low pressures rotate?

High pressure and low pressures rotate because when they combine they spin and create a tornadoe

Why do governments do what they do?

Governments do what they do to maintain social order, protect national security, provide public services, and promote the well-being of their citizens. Their actions are influenced by various factors, including political ideologies, public opinion, economic considerations, and international relations. Ultimately, governments aim to govern in a way that serves the interests and priorities of their constituents.

What causes the layers in the atmosphere?

because there are different pressures in the air.

Why are governments setup?

just because

How does the compound provide double security to the people?

because the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments, the portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate departments.

How do governments change?

Well governments sometimes change because of the voting. Thats all i know :)