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I think Curiosity in science means asking questions and wanting to learn new things. It is an behavior like exploration,investigation,and learning. I think Curiosity is the fuel for science. It also represents the drive to learn new things day in and day out.

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Q: What the meaning of curiosity in science?
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What is curiosity based science?

science is the pursuit of knowledge. Every science is curiosity based.

What is Curiosity in science?

Science curiosity is a desire to seek out and consume scientific information just for the pleasure of doing so.

What drives the process of science?


Why did Einstein do science?

It piqued his curiosity.

What come first to human curiosity science or technology?

I would say they come to us in exactly that order: Curiosity, Science, Technology..

What are the causes of science?

Systematic human curiosity.

What are the resource of science and technology?

Curiosity, Study, and Application.

Why is important to wonder?

Curiosity is the driving force of science.

How science evolved from superstition?

Science didn't evolve from superstition. It came from curiosity about the world.

How did science came into existence?

Science is the result of human curiosity coupled with the large human brain.

What is a key driving force of science?

To understand the universe.

What is the theme associated with the science of curiosity?

Recent studies indicate that deeper knowledge of mathematics and science requires.