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2010-03-26 16:41:58

Certain drugs are very stupid to take. But there is a

big difference between THC, LSD,and PCP (lighter

drugs) and drugs like heroine, cocaine, and methamphetamines

(heavier drugs). PCP is really the limit to what i think is

reasonable for the intake of drugs for a high. THC is the safest

drug out there. Safer than alcohol, everything. There is nothing

wrong with it.

It states in the bible, Revelations, that any green herb/plant

that produces a fruit or seed is for our enjoyment. THC is what's

in weed/marijuana to get you high. LSD is the chemical equation for


As for the penalty:

Minors: You would probably be taken to juvenile detention, but

with a small fine, and trust me, your parents would defiantly get

you out of there.

Adults: You will have a larger fine, with up to 20 years in

prison, (depending on how much you have) but marijuana is a drug

that is rarely given heavy penalties on. Probably 10 years at the

most, with very high chance of probation.

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