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They are sisters in law.

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2010-04-09 15:31:48
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Q: What the relation called between the two women whose' husbands are brother?
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What is called your sisters husbands parents?

There is no name for such a person, because there is no relation. Example. Bob and Susie are brother/sister. Susie marries Tom. Bob and Tom are Brother's in law. Bob has NO relation to anyone else in Tom's family. Susie does however.

If your husband's brother's wife can be called sister-in-law then why husband's sister's husband is not related to you or it is said that there is no term in English to define this relation?

Your husband's brother's wife or your husband's sister's husband have no relation to you. Your brother's or sister's wife or husband is called a sister or brother in-law. You are only related by the marriage between them and your sibling.

How is the relation of mother's brother's daughter called?


What is your uncle's brother's son called in relation to you?

Your Cousin obviousley

What is man married to husbands sister called?

to you, he is just your husbads brother in law. hes your husbands brothern in law and your sister in laws husband.

What relation is my brother's wife?

Your brother's wife is called your "sister-in-law." If you are a male, you are her brother-in-law and if you are female, you are her sister-in-law.

Was Helen troy Menelaus wife?

Yes, but Paris and his brother Deiphobus were also called her husbands.

What is your husbands sister called?

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law.

What am I to my brother-in-law son?

You are no direct relation but as your wife would be an "Auntie" to him you would be called "Uncle".

What is it called when a woman has 2 husbands?

What is it called when a woman has 2 husbands? BIGAMY

What do you called the sexual relation between the rooster and the chicken?

Breeding. Mating.

Relation between stress and moment of inertia?

is a resisstance of a body is called inertia

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