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Telephone area code 925 serves the inland East Bay part of the San Francisco Bay Area, including Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek, and Livermore, California. It covers dozens of ZIP Codes.

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Q: What the zip code for the area code 925?
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What is the ZIP code for area code 713?

There is no such thing as "the ZIP code" (singular) for an area code, since area codes are considerably larger than ZIP codes. You will need to look up the ZIP code for a specific address in that area code.

What ZIP code for Area code 479?

The area code 479 is for the state of Arkansas. A zip code is for a city or part of a city. By area code alone you cannot determine a zip code.

Zip code 93049 is for what area?

This is not a valid zip code.

Lorain Ohio has an area code of 440 and the ZIP code begins with 440XX Are there other places with identical numbers for an area code and the first three digits of a ZIP code?

The only "direct hits" are Washington, D.C. (202) and Portland, OR (971). Illinois gets a "close, but not quite" for 618, which has 618xx ZIP Codes around Urbana, IL, just to the north of area code 618. Iowa gets a "CBNQ" for 515: area code 515 = Des Moines, ZIP Code 515 = Council Bluffs. Florida comes close for 321, with ZIP Code 321 for Astor, FL, just north of area code 321. California has several where the ZIP Code prefix and area code are in the same state, but not in the same part of the state. For example, AC 925 = Walnut Creek/ZIP 925 = Riverside. Also, if there were any ZIP Codes beginning with 909, they would be somewhere in southern California, near AC 909. In Wisconsin, area code 534 is Eau Claire and the northern part of the state, while ZIP 534 is Racine. In Missouri, area code 636 is St. Charles, and ZIP Code 636 is Cape Girardeau. Area code 660 in northern MO (excl. KC,MO) is close to Kansas City, KS, suburbs (ZIP 660).

What is the area code for Martinez CA?

Martinez, CA, is in area code 925.

What is the area code for Concord CA?

Concord, California, is in area code 925.

What is the area code for the zip code 23401?

ZIP Code 23401 is Keller, Virginia, which is in telephone area code 757.

What area has the zip code 400212?

That is not a valid US zip code.

What area is zip code 38199?

That is not a valid US zip code.

What is zip code of riyadh?

Zip code of riyadh naseem area

What is the ZIP code for 832 area code?

The area code (832) is for the state of Texas. Within that area code there are 44 cities. You cannot determine a zip code by area code.

What is the ZIP code for Area code 614?

A zip code is for a town or a portion of a city. An area code is for a state or part of a state. An area code cannot determine the actual zip code location. The area code for (614) is for a large chunk of Ohio.

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