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They used a material called linen.

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Q: What they used to wrap mummies in ancient Egypt?
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What are some ways the ancient Egyptians used linen?

to wrap mummies

What did use to wrap mummies?

Ancient Egyptians used a material called linen.

What did Ancient Egyptians wrap mummies in?


Why did the ancient Egyptians wrap mummies in linen?

because it is what they do

What is the wrap used to wrap mummies?

The wraps were made of soft,linen.

Why did ancient Egyptians wrap mummies in linen?

because it was wraped like a mum

Why did they wrap up mummies and cats up in the ancient Egyptians?

they thought they were magical

What do eqyptians wrap their mummies with?

The Egyptians wrap their mummies with linen cloth.

What do you do to create mummies?

what you do to create mummies is get a dead person or something like a person and wrap them or it in tolit paper because you can not get the recourses from Egypt and wrap the person or something completely and then put them in a wooden coffin or casket and write ancient Egyptian letters and paint there gods and your done i did this for a history report and i got an A

What is papyrus and how and where was it used?

Papyrus is a paper like material. It was first use in ancient Egypt and is now used all over Africa. It was used to wrap the bodies of ancient pharaohs and the scribes in ancient Egypt used it to write on.

What did they use to wrap up the mummies?

they used flax

What did the Egyptians use to wrap mummies?

They used a material called linen.

What kind of banner paper used to wrap Egyptian mummies?


What did the ancient Egyptians wrap the dead bodies with?

They wraped them with something called linen, then they were called mummies. ~Alexia

What did they use to wrap a dead body in ancient Egypt?


Do they wrap mummies legs together or apart?

They wrap them together.

What did people wrap the pharaohs from ancient Egypt in?

They wrapped them in linen cloth

What did Egyptian wrap mummies in?


What was the material to wrap mummies?


What happens after they wrap the mummies?

it rots

How long was the linen that Egyptians used to wrap their mummies?

It was up to about 400 yards long.

Fiber used to make mummy cloths?

RAMIE is the fbre the used to make the cloths to wrap mummies

What is a chemical used for preserving bodies in ancient Egypt?

This is the process of making mummies:1.Take out all the internal organs(livers,stomach,lungs,and intestines)2.Dry the body with spices and salt3.Wrap the body with fine linen4.Ptthe mummy into coffin

What did egyptians use to wrap mummies?

they used linen cloth the person had collected throughout their lives

What music do mummies like?

Wrap music