What things from the pacific ocean start with the letter e?

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Where is the Pacific Ocean?

It is between New Zealand and South-America. It is left of North and South America, right of Asia and Australia. west of North/South America, east of Asia, north of the Southern Ocean, which lies around Australia The Pacific Ocean is between Asia and Australia in the east and the Americas in the wes ( Full Answer )

Is the Pacific Ocean the smallest ocean?

No, it is the largest ocean. It might not be the longest, although it sort of is the longest joint with the Atlantic Ocean, but its definitely the widest. The smallest ocean is the Arctic Ocean.

What are things in the ocean for each letter in the alphabet?

Things in the ocean : . A algae, anemone,abalone . B beaver, bathysphere . C coral, clown fish . D divers, dolphins . E eels , elephant seals . F fish, . G goldfish . H Hammerhead shark . I icebergs . J jellyfish . K killer whales, krill, . L leoparfd seals, lion fish, . M mollusks, man ( Full Answer )

Things with wheels that start with the letter e?

· Edge (Ford) · Edsel (Ford) · Eighty-Eight (Oldsmobile) · Eldorado (Cadillac) · Electra (Buick) · Enclave (Buick) · Escalade (Cadillac) · Escape (Ford) · Escort (Ford) · Espace (Renault) · Excalibur · Excursion (Ford) · Expedition ( ( Full Answer )

What are things to eat that start with the letter e?

eggs, eclairs, eggplant..... eggnog, eggs, egg anything, eggo waffles, enchiladas, empanadas.... escarole, endive, elk, elephant garlic, English muffin, estragon, espresso, emu...

Things with wheels that starts with e?

· Edge (Ford) · Edsel (Ford) · Eighty-Eight (Oldsmobile) · Eldorado (Cadillac) · Electra (Buick) · Enclave (Buick) · Escalade (Cadillac) · Escape (Ford) · Escort (Ford) · Espace (Renault) · Excalibur · Excursion (Ford) · Expedition ( ( Full Answer )

Where in the pacific ocean does the new day start?

The international dateline roughly follows the 180th degree of longitute, but there are several major deviations to avoid going near any land areas. In the north, the dateline jogs around the islands of Alaska ( the Aleutians ) to avoid having any islands being on a different day than the rest. So t ( Full Answer )

Why was the Pacific Ocean called the Pacific Ocean?

The name is derived from the Latin name Tepre Pacificum , ' peaceful sea ', bestowed upon it by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Pacific means peaceful. Ferdinand Magellan named the Pacific Ocean 'pacific', after passing through the Straits of Magellan and around Cape Horn, because ( Full Answer )

What are things that start with an e?

estimate. energy. earmuffs. earth. earphone. easel. elf. eatery. eclipse. economy. eddy. element. elevator. egg. envelope. eraser. elbow. elephant. elastic. enemy. evaluation. edge. ear. earnings. earrings. estimate. excitement. endorsement. eagle. elk. end. exit. ent ( Full Answer )

What ocean birds name starts with an E and is 3 letters long?

The ern is a fish or sea eagle. It's the alternate name for the erne or white-tailed eagle. A link can be found below. Oh, almost forgot. It appears in crossword puzzles sometimes. You might see a clue such as, "Sea eagle."

What is something in the ocean that starts with the letter A?

Abalone (from Spanish Abulón) are medium-sized to very large edible sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Haliotidae and the genus Haliotis. Common names for abalones also include ear-shells, sea-ears and Venus's-ears, as well as muttonfish or muttonshells in Australia, ormer in Je ( Full Answer )

Thing with wheels that starts with the letter E?

Escalade (SUV by Cadilac). Escort (compact car made by Ford). Eddie Bauer (SUV by Ford). El Camino (made by Chevrolet). Elantra (made by Buick). Expedition (Ford BIG SUV)

Is the Pacific Ocean a tropical ocean?

Only some of it which is known as the Equatorial Pacific, or Tropical Pacific. The rest of the pacific isn't tropical though

Things that start with the letter k and end with an e?

Kale . Keepsake . Kerosene . Kibble . Kilolitre . Kilometre . Kindle . Kine . Kissable . Kitchenette . Kite . Klondike . Knave . Knee . Knife . Knowledge . Knowledgeable . Knuckle . Kobe . Kyrie

Is the southern ocean the pacific ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is located in the region known as the southernocean. Many people disagree on its boundaries and do not considerit part of the southern ocean.

Random THINGS that start with the letter e?

ear . elephant . evening gown . engagement ring . evergreen tree . edge . eraser . egg . error . emu . eagle . eyeball . exit sign . elastic band . event . earring . eaglet . ermine . egg timer . elf . eggplant . emory board . Easter egg . emerald . entrance . equation . el ( Full Answer )

What are the things that start from letter E?

· eagerness · eagle · ear · earache · eardrum · earmuff · earnings · earring · earth · earthenware · earthquake · earthworm · earwax · easement · echo · éclair · eclipse · economy · eczema  ( Full Answer )

What living things are in the Pacific Ocean?

There are plants including blue-green algae, kelp, tropical flowers, palm trees. From smallest to largest, the animals include: krill, coral, sea anemones, fish, jellyfish, clams and scallops, seals, tortoises, sharks, walruses, orcas, and whales.

What are some things starting with the letter E?

Elephant Egg Everything Everybody Emo Entity Eagle Earliness E-mail Easter Bunny Easter Enemy Edgar Edmund End-stop Enjambment Have a look at Web Dictionary btw/ type in words beginning with the letter e on google!!

Is Pacific Ocean the saltiest ocean?

No. The Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest ocean. The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water, but it is not an ocean.

What things in Africa start with the letter E?

Thins in Africa that start with the letter E include: . Ethiopia (Country) . Evolution . Elephant . Egypt (Country) . Equatoral Guinea (Country) . Eritrea (Country)

What are things you can do that starts with the letter e?

· earn · eat · edit · educate · eliminate · embarrass · employ · empty · enact · encourage · end · endure · enforce · engineer · enhance · enjoy · enlist · ensure · enter · entertain · escape ( Full Answer )

Is Pacific Ocean a Pacific State?

The ocean itself can be said to be owned by no one or owned by everyone living on this Earth. Governments do "own" the three-mile buffer of any ocean that flows into it's land boundaries. Governments own land and the waters upon the land. Since the Pacific Ocean is not land, nor is it habitable by h ( Full Answer )