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mature, sensitive,clever

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Q: What three adjectives describe Tim Meeker?
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In My Brother Sam Is Dead what is the name of Tim and Sam's dad?

Life meeker, or Eliphalet meeker

How does Colonel Parsons explain the decision to Tim?

by coming up to Tim Meeker's house

How old is Tim meeker in My Brother Sam Is Dead?

The book does not specify the exact age of Tim Meeker. But, you picture him to be around 14. His brother Sam is 16 at the beginning of the novel, and Tim is probably a few years or so younger than him.

In the novel My Brother Sam is Dead when is Tim Meeker's birthday?

when is sams birthday in my brother sam is dead

How was Tim meeker brave honest and mature?

he has kisses besty reed

What kind of fish does Tim Meeker fish for in the book My Brother Sam is Dead?

Tim meeker doesn't end up going fishing, he just says he is so he can go deliver the letter from Mr. Heron.

What was Sam's little brothers name from my brother Sam is dead?

Tim Meeker.

How old is Sam Meeker when he is executed?

Sam Meeker (Tim's older brother) is executed by his fellow soldiers at age 16, after being accused of stealing cattle.

Is Tim meeker real or imaginary?

Tim Meeker is a character based on the real person Tim Meeker. If you read the Epilogue of "My brother Sam is Dead" It explains that historical records support much of the story, like most of the characters. The characters of the book are set to act as the author believed the real people would have in that type of situation. Therefore, to answer your question, Tim Meeker was a real person that died, but the story is fake. The execution of his brother Sam was actually how a soldier named John Smith died. A good deal of the story is based on historical records.

What is Sam and Tim's last name in My Brother Sam is Dead?

Their last name was Meeker.

In The book my brother sam is dead what are 2 dynamic chatacters?

In "My Brother Sam is Dead," two dynamic characters are Sam Meeker and Tim Meeker. Sam undergoes a transformation in his beliefs about the Revolutionary War, while Tim matures and gains a deeper understanding of the complexities of war and loyalty.

Who is general Wooster?

a rebel general that came into the meekers tavern with his aides demanding rum and food from mrs meeker and tim