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Q: What three things were the women in the yellow jacket doing in the paintings that Calder and Petra found in chasing vermeer?
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What is chapter 1 about in chasing vermeer?

Chapter 24 of Chasing Vermeer is about how the main characters, Petra and Calder, get the Lady out of Delia Dell Hall. On their way out of the exit door, a siren goes off. A man named Fred Steadman, (real name: Xavier Glitts) also the thief who stole the Lady, chased after them. Calder, who was the Lady in his jacket, trips to distract Fred from beating Petra; however, that kind of backfired. Calder and Fred were at a playground. Fred pushed Calder over a slide and took the Lady away. Calder was badly hurt, but he didn't give away; Calder pretended to be knocked out. When it looked like Fred was gone, Calder followed.He quickly caught up and saw Fred climb up into the Castiglione's tree house. Fred must've been a little to fat because after a while, Fred fell off and passed out. Calder quickly recovered the Lady and took a break in the tree house.Meanwhile, Petra got home and started searching for Calder, but just couldn't find him. So she got a snow shovel for a weapon, just in case Fred was lurking around in the shadows. She noticed the tree house that Calder was hiding in and climbed up. Petra saved Calder. Quickly, word spread and Calder and Petra were getting interviewed.Calder and Petra had an old- lady friend, Mrs. Sharpe. They would often visit her and she would congratulate them.To answer you question, Chapter 24 is about how things untie and come together at the end.

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