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Q: What time does it open dds discount store?
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What the true size if the map?


Is all Lactobacillus Acidophilus the DDS-1 strain?

No, apparently the DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus was discovered by Dr. Shahani at the University of Nebraska, and is considered to be a superior strain for supplements because of it's ability to survive the acids in the stomach.Not all probiotics that say they contain Lactobacillus Acidophilus use the DDS-1 strain. If they have the DDS-1 strain in their probiotic compound, they would most likely advertise it on the labeling. If it is not specified as DDS-1, then most likely it is a different strain.

Why is TMJ covered with fibrocartilage instead of hyaline cartilage?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is covered with fibrocartilage instead of hyaline cartilage because fibrocartilage is better suited to withstand the mechanical stresses and load-bearing requirements of the jaw joint. The TMJ experiences a wide range of movements and pressures during activities like chewing and talking, and fibrocartilage provides more resilience and shock absorption compared to hyaline cartilage.

What are the educational levels?

Educational levels typically include primary education (elementary school), secondary education (middle and high school), and higher education (college or university). These levels can also include vocational training, technical schools, and graduate programs depending on the country and educational system.

Can magnetic poles be isolated?

This question is conventionally said to be NO. Maxwell's Equations to define Del.Bv =0! This is a definition of the magnetic B field as circular field with no poles.This is another example of science not recognizing quaternions in Physics. The magnetic field has a scalar part and a vector part:E= Es + Ev = c(Bs + Bv)The relation E=cB was the key to Maxwell identifying Light with Electricity. This means if there is a scalar Es there is a scalar Bs= Es/c and if there is a scale Es there is a scalar Ds = Es/zc= epsilon Es.All the elxctromagnetic fields are related byE=cB=zH=czD giving B=zD!Maxwell's Equations are not correct in this matter. The real definition is :dBs/dr=Del.BvcDBs/dr = cDel.BvdEs/dr = Del.EvdDs/edr = Del.EvDel.Ev is not idnetically zero then Del.E/c is not identically zero unless dDs/dr is identically zero/ and that is not true for all Ev. Del.Ev = rho/epsilon in many cases where there is charge density.The electromagetic fields are related by E=cB=zH=zcD thus B=zD where z is the free space impedance Constant z=375 Ohms.Thus dBs/dr = dzD/dr= zdDs/dr = zrho where rho is the charge density. this means thatin general zdDs/dr= Del.Bv so Del.Bv is zero only when there is no charge density, otherwise if there is a charge density there is a "magnetic pole", zdDs/dr= zrho.This would mean for an atom, the nucleus has a charge density and a magnetic field. A collection of atoms may have a charge density in a certain direction but not overall.Magnetic poles exist in this definition and Maxwell's Equations represent a limited condition. There are no poles under Maxwell's Condition, that there is no charge density.