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Q: What time does take that finish at hampden park?
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What is the capacity of the Hampden Park football stadium in Scotland?

Hampden Park Stadium, which not only serves as a football stadium, but as a National Stadium of Scotland. At one time it had a peak capacity of 150,000 people, but now, because of saftey concerns, has been down-sized and will accomodate 52, 063 people.

What time does take that concert start?

Times have been released for hampden concert on hampden website doors open 1600 Gary go 1800 the saturdays 1915 and take that at2045 does any one no how long the have been playing for

When is the cooperative insurance scottish cup final?

Its the 15th of march 2009 at hampden park ,no time has been decided yet because its an old firm final.

What time do take that come on stage at hampden park 19th June 2009?

I've heard they are coming on stage at about 8.45pm? Hope this helps - I know it's a bit late, but for the other dates it might help someone else! x

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