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Jeopardy show times are different depending on the station and city that the Jeopardy episode is being aired. For that reason Jeopardy has developed a map that will let you see the time and station for your local area. The map has been added as a related link to this question

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Q: What time in the Mountain Standard Time Zone does Watson play on Jeopardy February 14 15 16 2011?
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When does Watson Play Jeopardy?

Watson will Play on February 14, 15, and 16, 2011..

When will the IBM Watson compete in jeopardy?

The IBM Watson Computer will have a 3 day match starting on February 14 2011. Watson will play against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.The games aired and they can be found in printed format on the Jeopardy Archive related links to the games

What was final jeopardy category for September 13 2011?

Show was a repeat of IBM Watson from February 15 2011 Final Jeopardy! Round category was U.S. CITIES

Where Watson playd jeopardy?

Watson was an avatar on the show

What are Watson Computers used for?

There was only one "Watson" computer built. It played Jeopardy... and won!

How does Watson write down his Final Jeopardy response?

Watson can not write down his response it is a computer.

How long did it take for Watson to answer jeopardy questions?

Watson did not take any longer than the contestants

What computer brand will face Jeopardy contestants next month?

On February 14, 15, & 16 2011 Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings will play Watson an IBM Computer

What was the name of the super computer that beat ken jennings on jeopardy?


What was the name of the IBM computer that won jeopardy?

The name of the IBM computer was Watson.

What is the name of the computer who completed recently Jeopardy?

IBM named the Computer Watson

Who won jeopardy at the IBM challange?

The games were won by Watson The IBM computer Ken Jennings was second and Brad Rutter was third