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1 PM Eastern Standard Time is 10 AM Pacific Standard Time.

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EST equals what time PST?

EST = PST + 3 hours (Example : When it's 1 PM PST, it's 4 PM EST.)

If it is 10 o clock in pst what is it in est?

10 AM PST = 1 PM EST 10 PM PST = 1 AM EST

If it is 1200 pm PST then what time is it MST?


10pm pst in est?

10 PM Thursday in PST = 1 AM Friday in EST.

What is 10am pacific time in eastern time?

10 AM PDT = noon EST = 1 PM EDT 10 AM PST = 1 PM EST = 2 PM EDT

What is 4 PM EST converted to PST?

It is aproxminaly 1 o'clock

What time is 4 am est in PST?

It would be 1 AM IN PST.

What is 1PM eastern time in california?

1 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (Australia) = 6 PM PST = 7 PM PDT 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (Australia) = 7 PM PST = 8 PM PDT 1 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (America) = 9 AM PST = 10 AM PDT 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (America) = 10 AM PST = 11 AM PDT

What time 1 PM PST in KSA?

1 PM PST (UTC-8) = midnight in KSA (UTC+3).

What is 5pm CST to PST?

5 PM Australian Central Standard Time (CST) = 11:30 PM PST (the previous day) 5 PM China Standard Time (CST) = 1 AM PST 5 PM Cuba Standard Time (CST) = 2 PM PST 5 PM North American Central Standard Time (CST) = 3 PM PST

If it is 9 pm in Alaska what time is pacific?

Alaska follows DST, and so @ 9 pm Alaska time, it is 10 pm PST, 11 pm MST, 12 midnight CST, 1 am the next day EST.

What time is 1 pm pacific time in Boston MA?

When it's 1 PM PDT on the west coast of the United States and Canada, it's 4 PM EDT in Boston, and when it's 1 PM PST on the west coast, it's 4 PM EST in Boston.

What time is 9 pm PST in the Philippines?

PST is UTC-7. The Philippines is in the UTC+8 time zone, and does not observe daylight savings. Therefore 9 pm in PST is 1 pm the following day in the Philippines.

What time is 1pm EST in INDIA?

If it is 1:00 PM EST it is 10.30 PM in India.

What is 1 pm eastern time in Halifax NS?

1 pm EDT = 1 pm AST 1 pm EDT = 2 pm ADT 1 pm EST = 2 pm AST 1 pm EST = 3 pm ADT

What time is 10 am pacific time in Michigan?

If it is 10 am in the Pacific time zone, then it is 1 pm in Michigan, which is located in the Eastern Time Zone.When it's 10 AM PDT, it's 12 noon CDT and 1 PM EDTin Michigan.When it's 10 AM PST, it's either 12 noon CST and 1 PM EST or 1 PM CDT and 2 PM EDT in Michigan.

What time is 3 PM EST equals in India time?

3 PM Australian EST = 10:30 AM India Standard Time 3 PM American EST = 1:30 AM India Standard Time

When it is 12.50 pm CET what time is it in PST?

When it's 12:50 PM CET (UTC+1), it's 3:50 AM PST (UTC-8).

Difference between est and cdt if it is 1 p.m. est what time is it cdt?

If it is 1 PM CDT then it is 2 PM EST. 1 PM Eastern Standard Time = 1 PM Central Daylight Saving Time (So, for example, there is no time difference between Panama and Illinois during the summer.)

1pm in the Philippines is what time in the US?

From the day after the 2nd Sun. of Mar. to the 1st Sun. of Nov.:1 PM PHT =7 PM HAST =8 PM HADT =9 PM AKDT =9 PM PST =10 PM PDT =10 PM MST =11 PM MDT =12 AM CDT =1 AM EDTFrom the day after the 1st Sun. of Nov. to the 2nd Sun. of Mar.:1 PM PHT =7 PM HAST =8 PM AKST =9 PM PST =10 PM MST =11 PM CST =12 AM EST

What is 100 pm est in cst?

1 PM EST = noon CST

At what time does the stock market open?

The stock market opens in New York. From Monday to Friday, the stock market remains open from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, EST. PST time is 6:30 am to 1:00 pm.

What time is it EST when it's 1PM CET?

There are two different time zones abbreviated EST. 1 PM CET = 7 AM EST in North America and 10 PM EST in Australia.

What is the current time in Washington D.C.?

Well as I write this it is 5:15 PM in Washington, D.C. For reference, if it is 12 noon in London, England, then: Paris, France = 1 PM New Dehli, India = 5:30 PM Sydney, Australia = 11 PM EST in the USA = 7 AM PST in the USA = 6 AM MST in the USA = 5 AM PST in the USA = 4 AM

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