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Q: What time is 8am eastern time in central time zone?
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What time is 8am o'clock central time in the eastern time zone?

8:00am CST is 9 a.m.EST.

How may hours is 8am to 3pm in central time zone?

8am to 3pm in any time zone is 7 hours.

If 8am in pacific time zone what time is it in central time zone?

it is 6 because there is a 2 hour difference :)

What is 8 am central time in pacific time?

8am Pacific = 9am Mountain = 10am Central = 11am Eastern

What is 8 AM pacific time in Central Time?

8am Pacific = 9am Mountain = 10am Central = 11am Eastern

If it is 7am in California is that pacific standard time?

California uses pacific standard time In the USA - the other time zones are mountain time, central time and eastern time7am PST = 8am central time= 9am central time= 10am eastern time

If its 8am Pacific time what time is that eastern time?

8 AM Pacific time is 11 AM Eastern time. The continental United States has four time zones. From West to East, they are Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern.

How many hours is 8am-430pm central time?


If it is 9 am in Michigan what time is it in Texas?

Michigan is Eastern time zone, so at 9AM it is 8AM in most of Texas. Texas is on Central time with the exception of the most western corner of the state which is Mountain time zone where it would be 7AM See map here:

If it is 7 am central time what time is it east coast?


What time is in mountain time if its 9 Am central time?

When it is 9am in central time, it is 8am in Mountain time.

If New York time is 8am what is LA time?

New York is in the Eastern Time zone which is 3 hours ahead of the Pacific Time zone where L.A. is located. This means that if it was 8 am in New York it would be 5 am in L.A.

What is 8am central time in mountain time?

7am. Central time is one hour ahead of Mountain.

What pacific time is it if it's 10am central time?

It is 8am Pacific Time.

What is 8am EST in Singapore time?

8am Eastern Standard Time would be 9pm in Sigapore.In the summer with Daylight Saving Time (Eastern Daylight Time EDT) this would be 8pm in Singapore.Source for this information is below.

If it took 14 hours to travel from Oregon to New York and you left Oregon at 4pm what time would you arrive in New York according to the Eastern Time Zone?

Most of Oregon is in the Pacific Time Zone, but a small portion of it is on Mountain Time. New York is on Eastern Time. The four main time zones in the U.S. are, from west to east: Pacific ---> Mountain ---> Central ---> Eastern. Each one is one hour later than the last. For example, if it's 3PM Pacific Time, then it's 4PM Mountain Time, 5PM Central Time, and 6PM Eastern Time. So, depending on which time zone in Oregon you are in, 4PM in Oregon is 6PM or 7PM in New York. Fourteen hours after 6PM and 7PM is 8AM and 9AM. So, if you are leaving from the part of Oregon that's on Pacific Time, then it will 9AM when you arrive in New York. If you're leaving from the part that's on Mountain Time, it will be 8AM.

What time zone is Antigua in?

UTC -4 8AM in Antigua = Noon GMT

When it is 8am in Chicago what time zone is it at 6 am?

When it is 8:00 a.m. in Chicago, it is 6:00 a.m. in the U.S. Pacific time zone.

What time is 5am pacific standard time in eastern time?

5AM Pacific Standard Time is 8AM Estern Standard Time.

What is 8 am EST in PST?

There's a 3 hour time difference between Eastern and Pacific time, so 8am Eastern is 5am Pacific.

Alaska is 4 time zones west of Indiana what time would it be in Alaska when it is 12 noon in Indiana?

Indiana is in both the Eastern (UTC -5) and Central (UTC -6) time zones. Alaska is UTC -9. If it's noon Eastern, it's 8AM Alaska. If it's noon Central, it's 9AM Alaska.

What time is 8am Indian standard time in Australian eastern time?

12:30 standard time; 13:30 summer time

If it is 8am in Phoenix what time is it in EST?

8 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) = 10 AM American Eastern Standard Time (EST) = 1 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST)

What time is 8am est on Guam?

8 AM Eastern Standard Time (Australia) = 8 AM Chamorro Standard Time 8 AM Eastern Standard Time (America) = 11 PM Chamorro Standard Time

Is 20 hours army time same as 8am?

No, it is the same as 8pm. 8am is simply 8am in Army Time.