What time is 9PM EDT in PST?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: What time is 9PM EDT in PST?
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Convert 9pm PST to Philippine time?

PST is behind by 16 hours to Philippine Time 9PM PST is equivalent to the following day 1PM in Philippine Time. For example: If its 9PM Thursday in US/Canada, its already 1PM Friday in the Philippines.

What time is 12AM est in PST?

10 AM

If its 9pm PST what time will it be in Ireland?

5am the next morning.

What time is 9AM EDT in PST?

No, it is the other way around, the Pacific Standard Time Zone in the US is west of the Central Standard Time Zone. Places further west are earlier than the times in the east. At 7:00 am CST Zone the time in the PST Zone would be 5:00 am. CST = GMT - 6 PST = GMT - 8

What time is 6 PM PST in EST?

3 PM in PST = 6 PM in EST

What time is 1pm pacific?

It means it is 1 pm in the Pacific region.

What time would it be in Massachusetts if it was 1pm in California time?

1 pm PST = 4 pm EST 1 pm PDT = 4 pm EDT

Is California est edt pst or pdt?

The time throughout California is UTC - 7 hours (PDT) from the 2nd Sunday of March until the 1st Sunday of November and UTC - 8 hours (PST) the rest of the year.

What time would it be in New York city if it is 9pm in Honolulu?

depending on whether or not New York is observing daylight saving time, either 2 AM EST or 3 AM EDT

What is 9PM EDT in PDT?

9 in the morning East Coast US-(Eastern Standard)

What is the time difference between Pittsburgh and Losangeles?

Pennsylvania is almost always three hours ahead of California.4 AM PST = 7 AM EST5 AM PDT = 8 AM EDT

What time is 7 o'clock pacific time in the eastern time zone?

In USA, 7:00 Pacific Time is 11:00 Eastern Time. In USA, 7:00 (PST) Pacific Standard Time is 10:00 (EST) Eastern Standard Time. The East Coast is always three hours ahead of the West Coast.