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In December, near Christmas

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Q: What time of the year do the northern lights appear?
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What are the northan lights?

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are glowing bands, circles and streams of colored lights that sometimes appear in the northern latitudes.pretty much there lights that apear in the sky at a pecific time of year.

What time of year do the northern lights start and end?

The best time of year to see the Northern Lights depends on where in the world you are. For example, in Iceland, the best time to see them is during September, October, February, and March.

At what time of year can you see the Northern Lights in Maine?

From between September & october I think ..

Do the northern lights come once a year?

No. It is down to activity on the Sun, which is unpredictable. When there is unusual activity on the surface of the sun that is seen by astronomers, they can predict that the Northern Lights will be visible in a few days after that. That can happen at any time. There is no pattern in terms of when it can happen. Most of the time the required activity is not happening on the sun, so the Northern Lights don't appear at all.

How long do The Northern Lights go off?

It varies - depending on the time of year, and amount of particles emanating from the Sun.

How many people visit the northern lights per year?


What are the Effects of a solar storm?

One effect is the aurora borealis or Northern lights which are very beautiful this time of year. High electro magnetic activity.

Do the northern aurora lights shine in the summer?

The Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) and the Aurora Australis (Southern lights) both "shine" all year round. They are caused by energized particles from the sun striking the Earth's Magnetosphere.

What year the northern lights discovered?

Since there have been people living far enough north to observe the Northern Lights since before recorded history, the best we can say is "prehistoric".

Do the colors in the northern lights show what time of year it is?

Not particularly... the aurorae borealis is always there in all colors, only it's usually too faint to see.

What day is the northern lights in 2011?

There are no set dates. They can happen at any time. So for any given year you cannot say what dates it will be possible to see the Northern Lights. They are caused by unusual activity on the Sun and that activity is completely unpredictable. When astronomers do see it, they can then predict that the Northern Lights will be seen in the coming days. So it is only just a few days before they happen that it is possible to predict them.

Does the suns light have anything to do with the northern lights?

Yes, most definetly. The higher sunspot activety on the sun, the more northern lights. The ions that gives energy to the gas molecules in the atmosphere, which again produce northern lights comes with the sun waves (radiation) from the sun. the next sunspot high OS expected to be in 2013, so this will be a excellent year to see northern lights.