Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What time period did Mozart compose?

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed during the classical era, between 1763 and 1791.

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What period of music did Mozart compose in?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed from the middle of the Classical period to the early, early Romantic period.

What period of time was Mozart from?

Mozart was from the Classical Period.

Which instruments did Mozart compose music for?

what instruments did mozart use to compose his music

In which period did Mozart live?

What musical time period did Mozart live in.

What instrument did Mozart compose for the most?

Mozart composed in every form of the time, but he probably composed the most for the orchestra.

What styles did Mozart compose music in?

Mozart composed in the Classical style. This was the period between Baroque and Romantic and was characterised by light, simple melodies and harmonies.

What Music did Mozart compose?

Mozart Composed Classical Music.

Did Beethoven compose Mozart?

Beethoven and Mozart were two different people.

Who did Mozart compose for?

He composed for people

Why did Mozart compose Vespers?

It has been said that Vespers was composed by Mozart for the Cathedral.

What other song did Mozart compose?

Mozart composed over 610 works.

What did Mozart like to do?

Drink, compose, play snooker, compose, drink, compose, play dice, have affairs, drink, compose, compose, have affairs, compose. And have babies. Basically.

How many piano concertos did Mozart compose?

Mozart wrote 27 piano concertos.

How many songs did Mozart compose?

Mozart composed over six hundred works.

What did Mozart compose the most?

mozart been composed the most because he was the best writer there was

How many volin concertos did Mozart compose?

Mozart wrote 5 violin concertos.

What classical music type did Mozart compose?

Mozart wrote music in the Classical style.

What march did Mozart compose?

Mozart composed Sonata KV 331 which is known as the Turkish March.

Why did Mozart compose the magic flute?

He was offered money for it.

Which musical time period did George Gershwin compose in?

he was in the Contemporary period since he compose Rhapsody in Blue and blues were invited in the 20th Century.

Did beethoven use classical style along with Mozart to compose his first two symphonies?

Did beethoven use classical style along with mozart to compose his first two symphonies?

Why did Mozart want to compose music?

It is not so much that he 'wanted to' compose Music. Mozart was a child prodigy, he was COMPELLed to compose, and get the music down as he heard it. It is reported he wrote his "Twinkle, Twinkle Little star" melody at age 5.

Did Mozart compose for the viola?

yes but he wrote them for his love child

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