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at 3.00 normally in british schools

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Q: What time roughly do lessons finish at British and American schools?
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When do the lessons in british schools start?

it would depend on the school

What is the difference British schools and American schools?

In american schools you are able to were your own clothes and the schools are rough

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What types of lessons are tought in Bording schools

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What is special about the Chief Leschi Schools?

Chief Leschi Schools are schools for Native Americans. They honor their heritage and make it a part of the lessons. They also do the traditional culture lessons also.

Should PE lessons be mandatory in public schools?

PE lessons should absolutely be mandatory in public schools. This is because it is a lesson useful in a kids life.

Why are Americans allowed to wear what they want at school?

American's are not allowed to wear what they want at school. Its not the nationality of people its the school. Most american SCHOOLS don't require the pupils to wear uniforms as a choice. Unlike british schools american schools are layer back education wise.

What time do lessons finish in french schools?

hugbyhc vg

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British Parachute Schools was created in 1977.

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The motto of The British Schools of Montevideo is 'Perfice'.

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The British Schools of Montevideo was created in 1908.

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Ancient schools and schools today are similar because they teach kids lessons.

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