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London is 6 hours ahead of Central Time. So, 7 PM Central Time is 1 AM Greenwich Mean Time (the time zone that London is in).

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If it's 7 PM Central Time, it would be 1 AM the next day in London. London follows Greenwich Mean Time, which is 6 hours ahead of Central Time.

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Q: What time would it be in London if it's 7 PM Central Time?
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What time would it be in London if it's 5 PM Central Time US?

5 pm in the Central Time Zone would mean it's 11 pm in London

If time in London is 1740 what time is it in Houston?

Assuming London is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), there is a 6-hour difference between London and Houston, which is in Central Standard Time (CST). Therefore, it would be 1140 in Houston.

What time is it in American central time when it is 7 o'clock in London?


Is there a time difference between London and Vienna?

Yes. London has GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), Vienna has CET (Central European Time). The resulting time difference is one hour.

What is the time in london if in the philippines is 8am?

If it is 8am in the Philippines, the time in London would be 1am. London is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is 8 hours behind Philippine Time.

What is the estimated time by car from Dover to London?

It depends on which part of London and traffic conditions at the time but about 2 hours 30 minutes to Central London. It's about 70 miles.

Are London United Kingdom and Paris France located in the same time zone?

No, London is at UTC and Paris is at Central European Time (UTC+1).

What is the time zone in paris?

Paris, France operates on Central European Time (CET) during the standard time, and Central European Summer Time (CEST) during daylight saving time. This is GMT+1 during standard time and GMT+2 during daylight saving time.

If it is 10 AM in the eastern time zone then what time is it in the central time zone?

It would be 9 AM in the central time zone because the central time zone is one hour behind the eastern time zone.

If it is 8am in London what time is it in Los Angeles?

It would be 12am in Los Angeles if it were 8am in London. Los Angeles is 8 hours behind London.

What is the time difference between budapest and London?

Budapest, Hungary, is one hour ahead of London, England, from spring to autumn while London is on British Summer Time. Budapest is in the Central European time zone, and London observes British Summer Time from spring to fall. Both locations respect daylight savings time every year.

What time is it in Egypt if its 12 am central time?

Egypt is 7 hours ahead of central time. The time it would be in Egypt if it is 12am central time would be 7am Egypt time. Egypt's time zone is UTC/GMT plus 2:00.