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Depending on which Eastern Time you are referring to and whether or not summer time is in effect in London, it could be 8 AM GMT, 9 AM BST, 9 AM GMT, 10 AM BST, 11 PM GMT, 12 AM BST, 12 AM GMT or 1 AM BST.

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Q: What time would it be in London if it's 7pm Eastern Time?
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What time is 1pm est in London?

The time in London is 5 hours ahead Eastern time. If it is 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, the time in London is 6:00 p.m.

Is London UK eastern time?


What time is 11 am London time in the Eastern Time Zone?


What time is it in London if it is 3pm eastern time in the US?


What time zone is London Ontario?

Eastern Standard Time

What time is 2 pm eastern time in London?


Time difference between London and fort lauderdale Florida?

London's time is standard time and Fort Lauderdale, Fl is Eastern so the time difference would be +4 hours with the current time change.

What is the time zone from New York and London?

Time zone in new york is Eastern Daylight Time and that of London is British Summer Time

If it is 9am Eastern what time is it in London England?


How far ahead in time is London from US?

Five hours from Eastern time zone

If it's 1pm Pacific time what time is it eastern time?

It would be 4 PM eastern time.

If it is 9 am pacific time what time is it in eastern time zone?

It would be 12 pm in the eastern time zone.

What time is 5 pm Pacific time in the Eastern time zone?

It would be 8pm in the Eastern Time zone.

What time is 630pm central time in the eastern time zone?

630 pm central time would be -1 hour eastern time so eastern time is 730 pm

What time is 4 pm mst time for the eastern time zone?

It would be 6:00 PM in Eastern time.

If it is 10am pacific time what time would it be eastern time?


Whats the time in London?

At this very moment, it is currently 4:42 PM in London. The eastern United States has a 5 hour time difference than London has.

What time is in Scotland now?

09:12 it's the same as London time. UTC time or gmt as it used to be. It depends on your location London is Eastern Time + 5 hours Pacific Time + 8 hours

What is eastern time in the UK?

ther is a 5 hour time difference between Eastern Standard time and the UK. eg: 12 noon in NewYork = 5PM in London England.

What is the time difference between London England and New Jersey US?

There is a five hour difference in time between London and New Jersey. New Jersey is on Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC -5) and London is on Greenwich Mean Time (0). Example: When the time is early morning, 4:00 am, in New Jersey, the Time in London would be 9:00 am, five hours later.

If it is 9am eastern time what time it it in central time?

It would be 8 am Central time.

If its 10am eastern standard time in new york city what time is it in London?

It's 3 PM in London. London is 5 hours ahead of New York City.

What is the time in london if in the philippines is 8am?

The time in London would be 2:00 AM if the time in the Phillipines was 8:00 AM.

If it is 4pm Central is what time is it in the Eastern time zone?

There is one hour difference, so the time in the Eastern time zone would be 5pm.

What is the time difference between eastern and central time?

one hour (Eastern time would be eight when central is seven)