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First off be very sure that you are ready for sex, virginity is very precious and should not be given lightly, and you can never get it back. After that it is helpful to try to relax, if you are tense it will make your vaginal muscles tighter, and can cause it to actually be more painful, foreplay is very important, as it will relax you and make your body ready for sex. Also make sure your partner knows you are a virgin so that he can be gentle with you. Some personal lubricant is a very good idea, because you will most likely be nervous, and that can cause you to be drier down there than normal. Most of all make sure your partner does not try to skip to foreplay, that is what will cause you to become naturally lubricated.

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What do the lipids in the smoother do?

Make milkshakes.

Will a guy be able to tell that your a virgin or should you just tell him?

Tell him then he should make an effort to be careful.

Why were pneumatic tires invented?

In 1895, André Michelin was the first person to use pneumatic tires. those make the ride smoother.

What is the function of water in bread?

To make the bread softer and smoother

What to apply on hair to make it smoother and shiner?

any "conditioner" will do

Why sand is used in concrete?

To make it smoother and add bulk.

Does a tampon make you a non virgin?

no. inserting and using tampons doesnt make you a non virgin, if you use tampons you are still a virgin....

How do you penetrate a virgin?

The same way as a non-virgin. But if it's her first time, you might wanna take it easy. it's new for her, so make her feel comfortable and make sure she's ready to have sex

What is the mineral yuksporite used for?

the dinosaurs rubbed it on their skin to make it smoother

Is baby shampoo good for the hair?

Yes it will make the hair smoother

How do you make your face smoother?

Use finer grade sand paper

Should the boy make the first move to kiss?

no be nice and make the first move, after all he asked you out, unless you asked him out then he should make the first move

What should a virgin do to make her vaginal hole bigger for sex?

simple masturbation with or without toys. try lubrications

What are the advantages of sliding bearings?

to reduce friction and make the object move smoother.

Can DirectX make your sims 3 game go faster?

Yes and smoother.

What is the function of tuna?

the function of tuna is to wipe it on your belly button to make it smoother

If your boyfriend fingers you does that still make you a virgin?

yes. you are still a virgin. You are only not a virgin when the penus enters the vagina

How do you make face smoother?

first you mush cut bananas then get yogurt and put it on your face. then softly put the bananas on your face. after that take it off after 10-20 min

What kind of move should the guy make?

In my opinion the guy should make the first move on the first kiss.

What are some of the best ways to use Olive oil?

In your hair to make it longer and your skin to make it smoother and food

Who should make the first move?

I think the boy should make the first move. I also think he should be the first for everything since normally the boys are more wild.

What is mill soap?

It's a manufacturing process to make soaps smoother & more creamy.

How does glacial erosion change the surface?

it makes it smoother and can make a u shaped cliff

How does erosion change physical surface?

it can make it smoother, rougher, canyons, mountains, ect.

What was the oil can they used to oil themselvs in roman baths?

to make people more smoother