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After the sixth badge, you have to travel south from Fortree city. This route will have many trainers to battle, and is pretty long. Once you finish it, you will be in Lilycove city. There are a lot of Team Aqua memers there. Talk to all of them and you'll get an idea where to go. Hope I helped! :)

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Where do you get sixth badge in Pokemon emerald?

Back in the 3rd town where your dad is hope this helps :)

How do you get the sixth gym badge in Pokemon emerald?

look for steven on the east. talk to him. battle kecleon. he will give you a "Devon scope". go to the sixth gym. use Devon scope on the invisible barrier. it is a kecleon but it will flee. then you are accessible to the sixth gym.good luck getting the sixth badge. (tip: bring electric Pokemon along.)

What do you do after you get the sixth badge in emerald?

you do the other gyms and the elite 4

How do you get the sixth badge in Pokemon Platinum for gba version?

Pokemon platinum GBA version is a hacked version and you cannot get the sixth and eighth badge.

Where do you obtain a new badge in Pokemon emerald?

You need to clarify which badge.

What is the sixth badge on Pokemon FireRed?


Where do you get stone badge on Pokemon emerald?

at the gym

Where is the sixth badge in Pokemon emerald?

Complete the national Dex with Jhoto region Pokemon wait a few Seconds,Minutes,Hours,days, or weeks then select the three jhoto starter Pokemon

In Pokemon emerald what do you do after you get the seventh badge?

Get the 8th badge then go to the okemon league

What is the 5 badge at in Pokemon Emerald?

You can get the 5th badge from your dad in Petalburg City.

Were do you get the sixth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

Saffron city.

What do i do next after i get the 7th badge in Pokemon in emerald?

Go to the Pokemon league.

Where do you get the 6th Badge in Pokemon Emerald?

you battle your father

Where is the eighth badge in Pokemon Emerald?

the ground gym

Where is fourth badge Pokemon emerald?

At lavaridge town

Where to get the second badge in Pokemon emerald?

Dewford Town.

What does the stone badge do in Pokemon emerald?

Destroys picachew

Where is badge 4 pokemon emerald?

Lavaridge town.

Can someone help get a sixth Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, someone can help get a sixth Pokemon in Pokemon emerald. Swellow is a good Pokemon for flying types. Even though they are hard to train, dragon Pokemon make an excellent sixth Pokemon as they are "extra" but very powerful.

In a trade how do you get your Pokemon to obey you in Pokemon emerald?

go get the gym leader's badge.

Which city do you get the sixth badge in Pokemon sapphire?

fortree city

What city is the sixth badge in Pokemon ruby?

Fortree City ( Feather Badge ) Leader's pokemon: Altaria, Swellow, Skarmory, Pelipper

Where is the sixth gym badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The sixth gym badge (the Marsh badge) is located at Saffron City's gym. It is in Gym Leader Sabrina's possession, so you have to defeat her to obtain it.

Where do you go after you get the last gym badge on emerald?

Pokemon league

How do you get the 8th badge in Pokemon emerald?

you beat the gym leader