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The train between Johto and Kanto should run. You can go back to Lavender Town to acquire the EXPN Card so you can wake the sleeping Snorlax. You can also defeat the gym where you found the machine part.

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Where is the missing generator in the cearulean gym in Pokemon soul silver?

you go to the place where misty is supposed to be then you go the far end at the bottom where misty is supposed to be then you go to the tubes and then you click and there you go you got the generator

How do you Get heatran in Pokemon Soul silver?

no you can not get it in pokemon soul silver but you can by trading from someone who has got heatan

How do you get a maby on soul silver?

I got mine on a poke walker.

Pokemon soul silver where can you catch wobbufett?

you have got to trade him from a past game

How do you get past the galactic explosives in soul silver?

i do not know........ i got the same problem......

What do you do after catching Lugia on soul silver?

dur all you got to do is beat the elite 4.

Why cant you go into the union room in soul silver?

you can you probably got a glitched game ..

Which Pokemon is Celebi in?

it was an event to get Celebi but you could've got it in heart gold and soul silver

How do you get the dowsing machine in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You automatically get the dowsing machine on your PokeWalker (if you got one).

Where do you find the team rocket guy in soul silver?

you look around and find him got that damm

How do you make the blue appear in Pokemon soul silver?

Defeat all the gym leaders in kanto..... go to the seafoam islands to fight blaine..... (I know this is why because I got stuck at this part to and that was why)

How can you get a kabutops stone in soul silver?

Revive a fossil that you got from a rock smash rock at Ruins of Alph

If you trade jirachi to soul silver will you get night sky's edge?

only if you got the jirachi suprise the event jirachi

Can someone trade with me on Pokemon HeartGold please?

I got soul silver but my friend cod is 2236 8492 8941

Cheat to fill your soul silver pokedex?

Looking for European version (accidentaly got European version LOL

How do you catch krabby soul silver?

got mine at either cherrygrove, or at the town with the lighthouse or pharmacy with a super rod for all

What appricot do you need to get Celebi in Pokemon soul silver?

you cant get celebi unless you got the GS ball from a special event

Where do you get a super rod in soul silver?

You talk to everybody in every town, that's how I got mine, I forget who in what town though...

Where do you pre order Pokemon soul silver and heart gold?

I got mine by pre ordering it in a local game stop

Where can you buy elixir on soul silver?

no you cant you got to find them or trade for them or use cheat codes my email is burningwizzard12@aol.com

How do you find root fossil in soul silver?

i got 1 by using rock smash on a rock in a cave on route 47

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