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do what you feel is best

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Q: What to do if this boy want to get to know more about this girl but her best friend really likes this boy and she does not want to upset her best friend by getting to know the boy?
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What if you told someone who your friend likes?

they can get really really upset so don't even try to tell any1

You really like this guy but he likes your friend and you are really upset what can you do to make him like you instead of her?

he might not be worth it. talk it over with someone.

What do you do if one of your friend likes a guy and the guy like you?

Definitely don't ask him out or tell her! if you do then she might get really upset.

Why you see moon upwards?

Because my best friend is not my best friend anymore and i am REALLY REALLY REALLY upset :( :( :(

Would someone be upset because her told told the boy she likes that my friend likes you?

Possible it depend on the person

If your friend asks the guy you like if he likes you and he stutters and ends up not really giving an answer does that mean he likes you?

No. It means he's not interested and doesn't want to upset you you ugly cow. no and for the person abovve that was jus mean....

How do you kiss a girl without her getting upset?

you make sure she likes you and that she wants to kiss you.

What do you do when your friend's ex boyfriend wants to go out with you but he is still in love with your friend and your friend is in love with him?

The right thing to do is not go out with him. If you do you can make your friend upset. Tell this boy you can't date him and if he likes you, he will understand. The best thing to do is to tell your friend he likes you and then tell her you already said no.

What does it mean when your friends boyfriend likes you?

I think that it means that he likes you. My opinion is to not get involved unless you really really feel strongly for this guy. I guess it also depends where your loyalties lie. Personally, I wouldn't do anything that would make my friend upset at me, because she is more important to me than some guy. But that guy should get his head on straight coz he shouldn't be using your friend if he really likes you. But that's my opinion. I also suggest to take the compliment :)

Why did the guy you like get upset when you mentioned to him you were going on vacation and might not see him again since he said he didn't like you?

He got upset because he really likes you.

I just love my friend who is your friend?

my friend is wonderful even when I'm really upset and she has no other way to help me she thinks of a way to make me laugh.

This girl that you really like your best friend likes her to you really like her and need to know what to do Should you just be friends with her which will end up us being like brother sister?

Talk with your friend. You may both like her but a compromise may need to happen. Don't wait until someone gets upset. Talk with your friend about your feelings. You may be surprised what the outcome is.

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