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The traditional gift is pearl and the modern alternate is diamond jewelry.

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What do I give my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary?

The 30th is The Pearl Anniversay. If you can afford it, pearls are the traditional answer.

What is the 30th wedding anniversary?

The 30th wedding anniversary is traditionally Pearl, although some now celebrate with Diamond.

What is a pearl anniversary?

A pearl anniversary is a 30th Wedding Anniversary.

What is 30 wedding anniversary?

Traditional 30th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Pearls. if that is what you are asking.

What is the 30th Wedding Anniversary called?


What is the traditional gift given for a 30 year wedding anniversary?

Pearls are the traditional gift for 30th Wedding Anniversary

What is the appropriate 30th wedding anniversary gift for men?

The traditional item for a 30th wedding anniversary would be something with pearls, while the modern item for a 30th wedding anniversary would be something with diamonds. Therefor anything incorporating either of those times would be appropriate: cuff-links, a tie clip, or a watch could all be appropriate.

What are the colors for anniversaries?

These are the anniversary colors: 1st Wedding Anniversary Yellow 2nd Wedding Anniversary Linen White 3rd Wedding Anniversary Light Brown 4th Wedding Anniversary Green 5th Wedding Anniversary Turquiose 6th Wedding Anniversary White 7th Wedding Anniversary Off White 8th Wedding Anniversary Bronze 9th Wedding Anniversary Terracotta 10th Wedding Anniversary Silver 11th Wedding Anniversary Turquiose 12th Wedding Anniversary Oyster White 13th Wedding Anniversary White 14th Wedding Anniversary Ivory 15th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Red 16th Wedding Anniversary Silver 17th Wedding Anniversary Yellow 18th Wedding Anniversary Blue 19th Wedding Anniversary Bronze 20th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Green/White 21st Wedding Anniversary Orange 22nd Wedding Anniversary Green 23rd Wedding Anniversary Silver 24th Wedding Anniversary Lavender 25th Wedding Anniversary Silver 30th Wedding Anniversary Green 35th Wedding Anniversary coral 40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Red 45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Red 50th Wedding Anniversary Gold 55th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Green 60th Wedding Anniversary White 70th Wedding Anniversary Diamond White 75th Wedding Anniversary diamond

When did Dolly Parton and Carl Dean celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary?

On the 30th of May, 2016.

Which wedding anniversary would you give platinum gift?

The 70th anniversary. (:

What do you give for a 29Th wedding anniversary?

There are no traditional gifts for a 29th wedding anniversary. The modern gift for a 29th wedding anniversary is new furniture. You can give a couple a gift for their home or something that you know they will like for their anniversary if you do not want to use the modern gift idea.

How much to give for a 40th wedding anniversary?

How much money do I give for a 40 the wedding anversary party

What is the traditional 30 year wedding anniversary present?

That is a great question. 30th anniversary typically calls for pearls from what I know. You may consider a necklace for this occasion.

What do you give as a third wedding anniversary gift?


Traditionally what gift are you supposed give for your first year wedding anniversary?

You give paper, yes paper, for your first year wedding anniversary.yes its paper that what I got.

What do you get your husband on the 15th anniversary?

According to the list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts, you should give something crystal. However, the "modern" wedding anniversary gift is a watch.

What is the 25 wedding anniversary called?

The 25th Wedding Anniversary is called, 'The Silver Wedding Anniversary.'

What province in Canada has the highest divorce rate?

Quebec. based on 2003 stat of 49% divorced by the 30th wedding anniversary

What is the color a 50th wedding anniversary?

Gold is the color of a 50th Wedding Anniversary 'Golden Wedding Anniversary.'

What is your 20th wedding aniversity?

The 20th Wedding Anniversary is when you would typically give china as a gift.

What do you give your parents on their 35th wedding anniversary?

Traditionally, the European 35th wedding anniversary gift is Coral or Jade. I do not know if there is a specific gift list for children to give their parents on any of their anniversaries.

What do you give on a 9 year wedding anniversary?

You give a box of chocolates with a bouquet of flowers

What to give on second wedding anniversary?

2nd wedding anniversary represents cotton; Gift ideas range from: Cotton bedding, table cloth in cotton to chinaware.

What is the 100th Wedding anniversary name?

A 100th wedding anniversary is called a "diamond" anniversary.

What is the 80th wedding anniversary name?

The 80th wedding anniversary is called the "OAK" anniversary.

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