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The same ones which are used to repair a domestic one...

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Q: What tools are used to repair a foreign car?
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Diagnostic and repair tools?

Diagnostic tools are used to check your car where has the problem and how to do.There are many kinds of diagnostic tools,you can consult,maybe it can help you:

What tools do you use when repairing a foreign car?

Foreign cars should use metric tools for repairs. With the exception of the tools being metric the types of tools will be the same.

Can I repair my car by myself?

Yes you can repair your car by your self if the repair is very mild and doesn't require many tools or a professional certified mechanic or repair worker.

Paintless Dent Repair Tools?

form_title= Paintless Dent Repair Tools form_header= Fix dents in your car easily. What color is your car?*= _ [50] Where is the dent?*= _ [50] What is the size of the dent?*= _ [50]

Who offers car repair tools that have a warranty?

Repair tools can be purchased at specialist tool stores such as Screwfix or Machine Mart. Tools bought at reputable stores such as these will carry a manufacturer's guarantee.

What tools would you usually used when working on a foreign car?

metric allen wrenches, star sockets and bits, and metric sockets

Where do you repair a car?

A car can be repaired anywhere provided it's in a safe place and you have the right tools and parts, however it's best to repair a car in a purpose built garage where all the right tools, equipment, skills and parts are available.

What are some all in one tools for car repair?

All in one tools for car repair can include ratchet sets, reversible screwdrivers, nut drivers and wrench sets. Craftsman and Snap-On have complete starter sets that include all in one tools and multi functional tools.

How expensive are Hyundai vehicles to repair?

Expensive, especially if it's getting older! This is because it's a foreign car, and foreign cars are always more expensive to repair.

What tool are used to repair foreign car?

The same ones used to repair a domestic car, although measured instruments are more commonly measured in metric dimensions with imported vehicles, whereas domestic vehicles in the US are more likely to use US Imperial measurements.

Can you show the necessary tools you prepare for repairs?

The necessary tools one would require for repair depends on what type of repair one wants to do. For car repair one would enlist tools such as wrenches and air tools. For wood working, one might look to saws, glue, nails and a hammer.

Can you replace roof on car?

Yes if you are skilled in auto body repair and have the proper tools and equipment.

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