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it is made of metals irons bronze and gold at metal age

Copper came first, and then tin, and then bronze, a combination of the two. These metals were put into a kiln ( a simple oven) as rocks, and then the metal came out because the kiln was hot. This was much hotter than what you would get over a campfire. The creation of the kiln came about for making pottery, which is also useful. Most likely the metal that flowed out of the rocks was collected in a bowl of some sort ( some sort of pottery). Soft metals such as copper could then hammered with rocks for example to form tools such as a knife or a spear tip.

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When were the first metal tools made?

stone age people in the Neolithic period 8000 BC introduced the first metal tools

What were bronze age tools made of?

bronze age tools where made out of bronze

How long did age of metal last?

From the early to middle neolithic (when copper tools were first made) to the present.

The age in which early humans made tools is called the?

The age when they first made tools is called the Stone Age.

Who made the blackfoot tools?

the Blackfoots tribes tools were made from metal, spikes and othera

What were tools made of in the stone age?

The tools in the old stone age were made off stones. By: ayush

What tools were used in Nile civilization?

tools made up of metal

What are tools used in ancient Greece?

tools made from metal and wood

Why are tools made of metal?

Metals are very important for us. Most tools are made by metals.

What discovery signified the beginning of the Neolithic Age?

Metal Tools

What discovery started the new stone age?

Metal tools

When did people learn to make metal tools?

The bronze age.

When did the world start to use metal tools?

in either the bronze age or the iron age.

How did the stone age the bronze age and the iron age get their names?

In the stone age, people made tools out of stone. In the bronze age, people made tools out of bronze. And guess what? In the iron age, they made them out of iron!

What was used for building Giza with technology?

All the technologies available to the ancient Egyptians, mostly those of the late Stone Age plus the addition of simple metal tools made of unhardened natural copper. No other metal tools were available at that time.

Why is the stone age called the stone age?

This term is used to denote a culture that does NOT use metal tools, presumably because they do not know how to make metal.

What were tools made out of in the Bronze Age?


How did stone age people get tools?

they made it

What were the first stone age tools?

The first stone age tools were things made out of wood and animal bones.

Why the stone age is called the stone age?

because the people of that time used stone tools, but during the new stone age they used metal tools, so im confused 2 :)

What was the metal that replaced bronze in the making of weapons and tools?

I believe it went into the iron age.

Period in which bronze tools were made?

The Bronze Age

What are some tools that were made in the stone age?


How did tools change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic age?

In the neolithic age, tools were more evolved and decorated. The tools were still made out of stone because the Neollithic time was the new stone age when agriculture started.

What is the Period after the Bronze age when humans used tools made from iron?

The Iron Age.