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Many early units of measurement were based on human proportions, such as a stride (roughly a yard) or the length or an arm. A hand (4 inches) is still used to measure the height of horses and ponies. The first join of the thumb is roughly 1 inch.
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They used things called things like the body to measure cool stuff because they don't have the stuff we use to measure stuff today.

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The hand, foot, arms length, etc.

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Q: What tools were used in ancient times for measurements?
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What measurements were used in ancient times?

hand,foot,span,cubit,kernels of corn,

When was tools invented?

Forms of tools have been used since ancient times. Therefore there is not a way to know for certain who created the first tools.

In ancient times what tools did they use to measure length?

they used there feet and other parts of their body

What were the tools the ancient Greeks used for farming?

the farming tools that people used in (ancient) Greece were hoes, sythes, and plows.

What kind of tools did the ancient Egypt used?

stone and metal tools

What tools the ancient Athens use?

many hand tools

Were spears used for hunting and tools?

Yes spears were first used with crude knives and bows in ancient times and have long since become obsolete.

What is the measurement used in everyday life?

There are lots of measurements used in everyday life.Like perimeter, and measuring tools.

How people in ancient times measure lenght and weight?

Parts of the body and statues were used as measurements for length. Weights were made out f stone, bronze, or pottery.

What tools did the ancient use?

they used knives which were used for many things

What was used in ancient times to measure in Arabia?

The Ancient Arabic units of measurement were widely used throughout the Ottoman Empire, taking up most of the Arabian peninsula. Measurements ranged from an assba (finger-length, approx. 2.25 cm) to a marhala (village-length, approx. 46 km). Cubits are among the more familiar names from the extensive list of measurements used in the Ancient Arabic units of measurement.

What kind of tools have 34401a in their name?

Tools which have 34401a are digit digital multimeters. These tools are used for bench and system testing. They are very fast and highly accurate with their measurements.