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javelin , sprint.

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Q: What track and field events were there in ancient Greek Olympics?
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Were there track and field events in the ancient Greek Olympics?


List four sporting events held at the modern Olympics and the ancient Greek Olympics?

field events and track events

Where did track and field originate?

At a Ancient Greek Olympics.

How did track and field get into the Olympics?

Track and field events, in their most basic forms, were original Olympic events. They have been in every Olympics.

What year did the ancient Olympic games begin and where were they held?

The first Olympics were held in Athens in 1896.The events includes Track and field

What track and field events were there in the modern Olympics?


What track and field events were there in modern Olympics?


What are the Athletics events in Olympics?

Athletics is the international name for Track and Field.

How long has track and field been in existence?

Track and field events have been around since at least the ancient Roman times. They held races on Mount Olympus, hence the name "Olympics".

How many track and field 1000m events are there in the Olympics?

None the 1000 meter race is not contested in the Olympics

Major contributions in the field of chemistry made by ancient Greeks?

ancient greek

What are the five main sports in the Olympics?

track events, swimming/diving, cycling, gymnastics and field events

When did track and field become part of the Olympics?

Track and field has been a part of the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Games in 1896. The first event known to be competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade run, a foot race of approximately 190 meters. So it could be said that track, or an ancient variation of track, has been competed at the Olympics since the first Ancient Olympics. History states that the pentathlon was included at the Games in 708 BC. This pentathlon consisted of discus, jumping, javelin, running, and wrestling. Discus and javelin are the first known 'field' events competed at the Olympics.

Were was track an field originated?

I can't say where the first modern track and field events were held, but they have their origins in the ancient Greek Olympics. The ancient Greeks believed that the home of the gods was at the top of mount Olympus, and at the base of the mountain the Greeks held regular athletic competitions in things such as running, jumping, javelin throwing, wrestling, and other such things, to honor the gods.

Is the Olympics an event or a meet?

The summer and winter olympics are meets that are held every 4 years. Although during the meet there are events that take place. e.g (track and field events and swimming events in the summer olympics and skiing or snowboarding in the winter olympics)

When and where did track and field originate?

Track and field first originated in the ancient Greek world.

Did the ancient Olympics have winter sports?

No. The Olympics were only track and field and the winners received laurel leaf crowns.

What events are part of the Olympics?

weight lifting and other track and field games and shooting

What are the main events in the Olympics?

track and field, swimming, diving, gymnastics, to name a few

What are the main events in the modern olympics?

the track and field are the main ones i hope this is useful :-)

What is the most famous Olympics sport?

Probably track and field, since it has been in the Olympics since the original games in ancient Greece.

What field did aristarchus study in?

Aristarchus of Samos was a ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician.

What is the similarity and differences between the ancient Olympic game and the modern ones?

The ancient Olympic Games were restricted to male Greek contestants only. The modern games are not restricted by nationality or gender and are, in fact, called the International Olympics. Also, while most of the original events (pentathlon, wrestling, boxing, running, etc.) have been revived, pankration, a brutal form of combat similar to modern mixed martial arts, was not. At the same time, many new sports have been added to the modern Olympics, including the decathlon (twice as many track and field events as the pentathlon), judo and a biathlon that combines skiing and riflry. Also, the marathon race, a staple of the modern Olympics, was not among the ancient events.

How many track and field events can a single athlete enter in the Olympics?

Four events. It is the same for any track meet, on any level.

Who won the mens 100 meter sprints and what time in the olympics?

The track and field events start on Saturday.