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Portugal boasts of long sunny summers that often extend to the autumn season. Winters tend to be moderately cool with numerous bouts of rain and thunder. Clothing requirements are adapted as per seasonal changes in Portugal. Most people prefer traditional dressing styles. Many people have incorporated modern dressing styles into their wardrobes, yet are not too fashionable.

Women have a natural tendency to wear traditional patterned dresses. Most women prefer to wear dresses, and men may choose to wear jackets and ties. The Portuguese are not fashion-conscious people. Most people prefer informal clothing, and this is evident in the minimal variance between work and social clothing. In case of business meetings, men may be seen dressed in formal, well-matched suits or sports coats. Women may also choose to wear suits or pantsuits at the work place.

It is advisable to keep windbreakers and jackets on hand even though the summer and autumn seasons are relatively warm. This is because evenings could turn cold and people may need to face cool Atlantic winds. Most day to day wear as well as Sunday wear reflect and keep alive traditional customs and preferences. Cotton turbans are commonly worn by workers as a protection from glaring sun rays.

Those who live in the rural areas of Portugal prefer to wear simple, loose, flowing clothes. Many of them are traditional fisher folk and wear attire suitable for fishing and going out sailing. The need for fashion is limited, and many rural regions boast of people who continue to wear clothes that may be considered to be from a long gone-era, with very basic designs. Tourists find such clothes to be very unique. Many shops may cater to the demand for such traditional clothes, as a tourist attraction. An important characteristic of Portuguese clothing lies in its simplicity of design, free-flowing designs, and soothing colors.

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Q: What traditinal clothes do people wear in Portugal?
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