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Q: What train do you take from NY Penn Station to 4 Metrotech Center Brooklyn?
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What train do you take from Metrotech Center Brooklyn to NY Penn Station?

Take the Uptown A or C trains from Jay Street-Metrotech (at the corner of Jay Street and Willoughby Street) to 34th Street-Penn Station. The A is express, the C is local.

What train do you take from NY Penn Station to 3 Metrotech Center Brooklyn?

Take the Downtown A or C (of the A-C-E, the blue line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to Jay Street-Metrotech.The Jay Street-Metrotech Station is at the intersection of Jay and Willoughby Streets. Walk 1 block north on Jay Street to Myrtle Avenue. Turn right, and walk 2 1/2 blocks east on Myrtle Avenue to 3 Metrotech Center, on Myrtle Avenue between Bridge and Duffield Streets.

Is the train station city center in Lisbon or is there a station at the airport?

There are many train stations in Lisbon.The airport itself does not have one train station, but there is one close to it (Oriente Station). From the Airport to the station there is a direct metro\subway connection.

Which Boston train station is closest to the Seaport Trade Center?

Botons south station is the closest major train station with connections to all the areas subway

How do you get to Bath center from London?

Take a train from Paddington Station

What train station is closest to Olympia conference center in London?

It has its own station - Kensington Olympia.

Is there a train from Penn Station to Flatbush?

Yes. Take the Downtown 2 train (of the 1-2-3, the red line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn College.

How do you get from Union Square to Brooklyn?

Take the shuttle (called the AirTrain) from inside the JFK terminals to the Howard Beach Station of the A train. The A train goes through Brooklyn. JFK is in Queens, and Brooklyn and Queens are two halves of one island. Queens is the north side, and Brooklyn is the south side.

Is the C train running to New York?

I'm assuming you meant to ask, "Is the C train running to Manhattan?" No, the C train is not running at all, as of November 4, 2012. The A is making local stops instead. And there is no service on the A between Jay Street-Metrotech and 34th Street-Penn Station, and from 168th Street to the Uptown end of the line, 207th Street-Inwood. Also, the Rockaway Park and Rockaway Beach branches of the A are not running, so the A line terminates at Lefferts Boulevard.Shuttle buses are operating between Jay Street-Metrotech and 34th Street-Penn Station.

How do I get to 062 veterans job center at 25 chapel street Brooklyn New York by train?

How do I get to 25 25 chapel st on the train

Is the old BRT train station on the Brooklyn Bridge?

The old BRT line ran over the Brooklyn Bridge and just barely into Manhattan, to its last stop, but that was around a hundred years ago. I don't believe the BRT station was actually on the Brooklyn Bridge, but rather just beyond it, in Manhattan.

Can you go from Brooklyn NY to Free port Maine by train?

There's no station right in Brooklyn, but you can catch a train from New York Penn Station. First you go from NYC to Boston Back Bay on the Northeast Regional service, then take a subway or taxi to Boston North Station, and then continue on a Downeaster train to Freeport, ME. The whole trip takes about 9 hours, including a 2-hour stopover in Boston, and costs around $100 one-way.