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What training is needed to become a pro soccer player?


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2015-07-17 17:52:36
2015-07-17 17:52:36

My brother was a professional soccer player. A LOT of cardio and skill ie ball control, passing, shooting etc etc

You need to practice and listen to your coaches. Also you need to try your hardest and never give up. There could always be someone out there watchiing so limit yoour mistakes and always outnumber your bad games with your good ones.

the training that is needed is to look at ronaldo's plays practice them and do them in game cause there might be some one important like a scout. try hard and never give up run alot in games u wont die maybe sore but you wont die. train 2 hours daily

Get good, and get noticed.


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A footballer is a professional soccer player. To become a professional sports player, you need some athletic ability. Training and hard work to develop this ability is needed.

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By training hard, and getting scouted

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To become a pro soccer player you need experience and skills. For example i'v been playing since i was six. But what you really need is experience and skills to become a pro soccer player and a Diploma.

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youll need to be certified and be a people person;)

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