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Often, some of the best training is experience, therefore a job as a security guard, security system technician or other similar type job would be extremely helpful. Also, IT and systems training would be useful as many of the consulting jobs often involve the installation of alarm systems.

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Q: What training would one need for a security consultant job?
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What training is required to become a safety consultant?

It depends on the job you want to be a safety consultant. For example, to be a safety consultant at a construction site, you'll need training in construction.

What type of training does a security guard need?

A security guard does not need very much training. It typically just takes one class during a semester to get what you need. Unless you carry a gun then you need gun training.

How do you start a security guard card training business?

Before you start a security guard training business you need to register it.

What type of training do i need to complete before i can be a security officer?

Security guards and surveillance officers protect property, maintain security, and enforce regulations and standards of conduct.You need formal security training or a degree in criminal justice.

What do I need to know before joining a security class?

If you want to be a security guard you need to know what level of training you'll get from a course. Armed security guards are paid more than unarmed guards and you need a higher level of training to be qualified.

What training is required to be an armed security guard for a bank?

There are many different types of training one needs to become an armed security guard for a bank. One of the most needed is gun training. The person would also need to take self defense classes.

What kind of training does a security guard need?

A security guard can need varied certification on a state by state basis pertaining to state law. Certification or training is not always required it can vary by job.

Do you need training for security guard jobs?

Even though it seems basic, security need to be trained to avoid bodily harm to people. So there is some manner of certification and training one has to undergo.

i am 19 years old and would like to find out what i need to do to start a career in security?

You should first grab a yellow pages book and look for security companies in your area. Many companies will not just direct you to the appropriate training, but will pay for you to get the necessary training. You must complete a standardized guard training, or else you will not have a license to be a security guard.

Is there the need for a consultant?

For me...................No............

What is homeland security training?

Homeland Security is a branch of the government that deals with anti-terrorist operations. Their training is typically very physically strenuous as you need to be in very good shape.

Do mall security guards need to take an officer training class?

Some security jobs require you to have some education prior to employment, while others may not. Your best bet would be to contact your local place of interest and ask what is required, and if they provide the training to you.

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