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Q: What traps sunlight energy to make glucose?
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Does chlorophyll trap glucose from sunlight?

no, chlorophyll traps the light energy from sunlight, and uses it in photosynthesis to make glucose.

What organelle traps the energy of sunlight and converts it into chemical energy in the form of glucose?

The organelle located inside a plant cell that uses sunlight to make energy is the chloroplast. Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll which is the substance used to make the sugar or glucose.

What organ In the plants traps sunlight energy to make food?


How does the process of the photosynthesis work?

the chlorophyll in the leaf traps sunlight and then the sunlight with water and other ingredients are used to make glucose and then this glucose is eaten by the plant this is photosynthesis(photo means light)

What is the ability to use sunlight energy to make glucose nutrient?


What is the onganelle in a plant cell that uses the energy from sunlight to make glucose?

It is in the leaves of the plant.

Where do plants get energy to make starch?

Plants use photosynthesis to convert sunlight into usable energy, stored in ATP, NADPH, and glucose.

Do leaves make sugar for a plant?

No, they don't make it they produce it by taking in energy from the sunlight and also carbon dioxide to make glucose and oxegyn.

What is the job of sunlight in photosynthesis?

Sunlight is absorbed by chloroplasts in leaves. Chlorophyll in leaves make them green. it is part of the photosynthesis equation : sunlight Carbon dioxide + water ----------------------> glucose (sugar) + oxygen

What to do chloroplasts make with the energy from sunlight?

They are doing photosynthesis. They use chlorophylfor absorb energy.

Explain how H2O and sunlight make energy and release O2 as a waste product?

H2O and Sunlight make ATP energy using Photosynthesis. Hydrogen has two atoms. Lets look at it like this: H H O Hydrogen stays. Oxygen is released through the stomata into the biosphere. Hydrogen then reacts with Carbon Dioxide to make ATP energy, Glucose, and STARCH Therefore we receive the equation: 6H2O + 6CO2 + Sunlight --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 Water + Carbon Dioxide + Sunlight = Glucose + Oxygen Oxygen is then released into the air, and it is continuous. The glucose is stored as ATP Energy, STARCH, or plain old Glucose to feed to plant.

What is the main purpose of the light -dependent reactions?

To take in the energy from the sunlight to make glucose to store when there is not sunight. ( at night)