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SGPT 84460 Green 1ml plasma U/L

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Q: What tube is used for sgpt test?
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What field in medicine to go to have SGPT examination or test?

SGPT is one of the test done to look at liver function.

What is the difference between SGOT and SGPT blood test for liver?

SGOT and SGPT are blood test to determine inflammation or injury of the lever. The SGOT measures aspartate aminotransferase and the SGPT measures alanine aminotransferase.

What is SGPT test?

An SGPT test is a test which determines if the liver is damaged or diseased. It measure the levels of glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) in blood.

What is used to grip test tube?

Test tube holder

What is a test tube clamp used for?

Clamping a test tube

What is test tube stand used for?

to hold the test tube

How is a test tube brush used in a laboratory?

Test Tube brushes are used to easily clean the test tubes .

What color test tube is used for an hcg test?

A test tube with a red top is used for hcg testing.

What is the used of test tube holder?

use to hold test tube..

Uses of test tube rock?

a test tube rock is used to measure liquids

What is the material used to hold test tubes?

A boiling tube is used for boiling a liquid in

What is a test tube cleaner used for?

A test tube cleaner is used as suggested -- it is used to clean test tubes. It is round, and has a modestly long handle so the bristles can reach the bottom of the test tube being cleaned.