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The blacks war and the cockisbitches war

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Q: What two activities did Tubman engage in during the civil war?
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What did harriett tubman do during the civil war?

She escaped

Was Harriet Tubman a cook during the civil war?


Who was considered Moses during the civil war?

Harriet Tubman

How many jobs did Harriet Tubman have during the civil war?


How is Harriet Tubman caring?

During the civil war and after at her home in Newyork

Civil war who the leader of the underground railroad and the nickname?

During the Civil War, the leader of the Underground Railroad was Harriet Tubman. A common nickname for Harriet Tubman was Moses.

Did Harriet Tubman work as a nurse and cook in the US Civil War?

Yes, Harriet Tubman indeed did work as a nurse and cook during the US Civil War.

What dangers did harriet Tubman face during the civil war?

she was afraid that she will get caught

What African American woman was nicknamed moses during the civil war?

Harriet Tubman

Where was Harriet Tubman stationed when she was a Union scout during the Civil War?

New york

What work did Tubman do for the union army during the civil war?

She was a nurse,a cook, and a spy

Who might have traveled through a northern city during the civil war?

Harriet Tubman