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The DVD uses a red laser with a smaller wavelength, not the long wavelength red laser that is used for CDs. The shorter wavelength allows the beam to be more accurate. This accuracy means that more data can be stored on a DVD than a CD. Data can only be written on one side of a CD, but a DVD can be written on both sides depending on the type of DVD (for example, DVD-5) you have.

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How do you compare computer storage capacity?

The storage capacity is measured in "Bytes". In a computer, you have to compare the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage capacity, often in "GigaBytes" (billions of bytes) The more the HDD's capacity is big, the best it is.

What are the basic computers characteristics?

The basic characteristics of computers include: accuracy, high speed and large storage capacity. These attributes have made the computer more dependable than the human worker in many industries.

What drive has the largest capacity of any storage device?

At the present time, a hard drive has the largest storage capacity of all storage devices. For something more portable, a USB drive would have a greater storage capacity than any other portable devices.

Which system supports the most storage capacity the FAT32 and NTFS?

NTFS provides greater security and supports more storage capacity than the FAT32

Will an SD card make a smartphone faster?

No, it will just and more storage capacity.

Why does a blu-ray disk have a higher capacity than a CD or DVD?

As technology improves, so does the storage capacity of storage devices. The capacity of DVD is greater than CD and the capacity of blu-ray exceeds both. The lasers used in blu-ray devices and the material on the disk allow for more densely-packed storage.

How can I maximize the storage in my home?

Adding more vertical storage is the best way to increase the storage capacity you have in your home. Building shelfs or using stacking totes are easy ways to maximize your storage.

Two characteristics give a DVD more storage than a CD?

The DVD uses a different laser with a smaller wavelength, not the long wavelength red laser that is used for Cd's.

How can you get more GB on a ipod touch 2G?

Sadly all ipods storage capacity cant be increased

Explain about the storage capacity of computer?

Storage capacity refers to how much disk space one or more storage devices provides. It measures how much data a computer system may contain. For an example, a computer with a 500GB hard drive has a storage capacity of 500 gigabytes. A network server with four 1TB drives, has a storage capacity of 4 terabytes. Storage capacity is often used synonymously with "disk space." However, it refers to overall disk space, rather than free disk space. For example, a hard drive with a storage capacity of 500GB may only have 150MB available if the rest of the disk space is already used up. Therefore, when checking your computer to see if it meets a program's system requirements, make sure you have enough free disk space to install the program. If you need more disk space, you can increase your computer's storage capacity by adding another internal or external hard drive.

Can I get more memory for my 16gb IPad?

Only external storage is possible and even that is of limited value. For sure, it's absolutely not possible to internally upgrade the storage capacity of an iPad in the way that you suggest. The only way to do that is to sell your existing iPad and purchase one with a greater storage capacity.

Why have floppy diskettes declined in popularity as a storage medium?

They have been significantly succeded by smaller, more rigid forms of data storage media with greater protection and storage capacity. For more information about the history of floppy disks and storage devices, see Related Links below this box.

What is the water storage capacity of 3 gorges dam in TMC units?

more than one thousand TMC.

What is the biggest number of gigabytes?

There is no hard limit to how many gigabytes a device can have. As technology advances, devices with more and more storage capacity will be created.

I have a 12 volt gate opener with a solar panel which came with a 7amph battery. Can a 12 volt 8amph be used?

Sure the amph is just the storage capacity. If you use a higher storage capacity it just means you can store more energy.

What is the difference between a 160 GB and 280 GB hard drive?

120GB of storage or about 75% more storage capacity. Right now, you can purchase 500GB for just a little more (on-line) than the 280GB.

What is the Storage capacity of a Ipod and mp3 player?

A gb (gigabyte) is about 250ish songs depending on length. A gb is all storage though, so photos videos all that is stored in the gb. The higher the gb the more storage

What 2 characteristics give DVD more storage capacity than CD?

The DVD uses a different laser with a smaller wavelength, not the long wavelength red laser that is used for CD's. I believe the DVD laser is in the ultraviolet spectrum. Anywho, the smaller laser allows the DVD to have smaller "bumps" (which is what the laser reads). Since they are smaller, more can fit onto a disk. Also, DVD's can be 2-layer. Twice the data.

What are the latest trends and technologies of storage memory processor printing?

The latest trends and technologies of storage memory processor printing include a faster, larger and more intelligent multi-core technology. These new technologies allow more storage memory capacity and the ability to perform printing actions with ease.

Which one has more storage capacity CD or DVD-ROM?

DVD discs have much more capacity - 4.7 Gigabytes compared to a CD's 700 Megabytes. This means that each DVD can hold almost 7 CDs worth of stuff.

Greed overpowers generosity is my debate topic can you give me some points on it?

The capacity to give has limits such as quantities of money or time to be given whereas the capacity to take has no limits There are many more people willing to take than there are to give

What is the storage capacity of a hard disc?

It depends on the capacity of the hard disk. The average today for a desktop is 500 GB but it can go up to 2 TB or even more. The average for a laptop is around 250 GB.

Why a CD-rom is used more than other means of storage?

The CD-ROM is used more than any other means of storage due to its low cost, ease of use, and relatively large storage capacity. It can store large amounts of photos and is used to install many popular applications.

Are Floppy disks considered high capacity disks?

No. Floppy disks have the lowest storage capacity of any mainstream storage device. Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and Flash drives all hold far more data than a standard floppy disk. Even when they first came out, hard drives and tape reels held more data (though they also cost far more).

Are all camera digital media cards created equal?

No, some cards offer higher storage capacity and more rapid transfer rates.

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