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Q: What two forces cause nebula to develop into the sun?
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What factors allowed the sun to form in the solar system?

the gravitational forces from nearby solar systems allowed a nebula to form and in that nebula were all the compounds needed to form the sun and planets.

Does the sun have a nebula?


What nebula was the sun created in?

The Solar Nebula, which does not exist anymore.

Is the sun a planet or nebula?

Neither; it is a star. it formed from a nebula.

Is the Sun a star a planet or a nebula?

The Sun is a star.

Is the sun a star planet or a nebula?

The sun is a star.

Is the sun closer or farther to the earth than the Orion nebula?

Orion Nebula is much further from the earth than the Sun is.

Why did the nebula's condense to form the sun?

If the nebula is gravitationally unstable, it collapsing & forming stars!

What star sheds a planetary nebula?

A star like our sun will shed a planetary nebula after its 'death'

What is the sun formed out of a pulsar black hole super gaint or nebula?

Nebula. according to nasa.

What formed at the center of our solar nebula?

The Sun.

What forces cause the planets to go around the sun and stay in their orbits?