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Hydrogen and Oxygen in the ratio 2H to 1O. But they are not both 'in the air'. The atmosphere contains oxygen free from hydrogen; water contain oxygen combined with hydrogen. But there have to be two atoms of hydrogen to one of oxygen and once combined they are fixed; H2O remains the same whether ice, water of steam. If I remember rightly oxygen combines easily with other molecules, hence many things 'rust' which is oxydisation. BWDIK.

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Q: What two gases found in air join to form water moleces?
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How will you show that gases are dissolved in water?

we can show that gases are dissolved in water by showing the gas escaping in the form of bubbles.

What two gases make water?

Oxygen and hydrgen form water

What two gases form water?

Water is made up of Hydrogen && Oxygen.

What is the Difference between airs and gases and water vapour?

Air is the mixture of different gases (like oxigen, nitrogen, co2 e.t.c.) & water vapour. Gases are only gases, here is no water vapour. And water vapour is form after the vapourization of water at high temperature.

Why do bubbles form when you split up water?

When you split water you form hydrogen and oxygen gas. The gases are the bubbles.

What is the product in when gases hydrogen and oxygen react they form water?


What process is the breakdown of water to form two gases?


Are noble gases found in gorup 1?

No. The noble gases are in group 18 in wide form periodic tables and group VIII in some older narrow form tables.

Definition of demineralised water?

it is the purest form of water which is free from anions and cations and having no dissolved gases

Why can water form gases in the early morning when the air is clear?

Condensation of water vapor causes dew.

Can helium be a pure form?

Helium found in atmosphere will have other gases as impurities. But it can be isolated by suitable method (generally by adsorption of gases) to get pure helium.

Can heavy noble gases form compounds with fluorine?

Yes. Scientist have found that it does in fact form compounds with krypton, radon and xenon.