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Magnitude and direction

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What two quantities are neccesarz to determine a vector quantities?

It is necessary to know the magnitude and the direction of the vector.

Why a vector quantity cannot be added as scalar quantity?

Vector quantities have direction and scalar quantities do not. When you add vector quantities, you have to take into account the direction of each quantity.

What is scaler quantities and vector quantities?

scalar quantity has only magnitude whereas vector quantity has magnitude as well as direction

What two quantities are necessary for a vector quantity?

a vector quantity has both direction (sign) and magnitude like displacement towards right or left (direction) and has a certain value (magnitude)

What is Vector and Scalar Quantity?

A vector quantity is a quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Velocity, acceleration, and force are examples of vector quantities.A scalar quantity is a quantity that has magnitude, but no direction. Time, mass, volume, and speed are examples of scalar quantities.

Is density a vector quantity?

Density is not a vector quantity, rather, it is a scalar quantity. Vector quantities must have both magnitude and direction that density does not have.

Quantities have both a magnitude and direction?

A quantity with both magnitude and direction is a Vector quantity.

Write differences between scaler and vector quantities?

Scaler Quantity- quantities which are described only by magnitude.Vector Quantity- quantities which are described by both magnitude as well as direction.

A scalar quantity multiplied by a unit vector is a scalar quantity?

Scalars are quantities that are described by a magnitude alone. A scalar quantity multiplied by a unit vector is not a scalar quantity but a vector quantity.

Type of quantity?

There are two types of quantities in Physics: the vector quantity and the scalar quantity.

Similarities between scalar and vector quantities?

Scalar quantities - quantities that only include magnitude Vector quantities - quantities with both magnitude and direction

What is vector acceleration?

To make it easy, vector quantities have a direction aswell as a magnitude.While scalar quantities just have a magnitudeAn example of a scalar quantity is "Speed" and the vector quantity would be "Velocity"

What are the 3 parts of vector quantity?

Vector quantities include magnitude and direction.

Which of this two quantities is not a vector quantity magnetic field or charge?

Charge is not a vector.

What is a quantity that has direction?

the quantities which have both magnitude and direction are called vector quantities

Is mass a scalar or a vector quantity?

Mass is a scalar quantity. Scalar quantities are those characteristics of matter that can be measured with a scale, while vector quantities are those that involve direction as well as quantity.

What quantities are considered vector and what quantities are considered scalar?

vector quantity is thyat quantity which hasa magnitudeand direction.e.g area is a vector has a magnitude and direction along the perpendicular to the surface of the area a scalar quantutity is that quantity which has only magnitude.

How are scalar and vector quantities similar?

Scalar and vector quantities give magnitude, and that makes them similar. The difference is that the vector quantity gives direction as well as magnitude.

What is a scalar and vector quantity?

Scalar quantities are those which have magnitude but not any specific direction, but vector quantities have both magnitude and direction.

Quantities with both a magnitude and direction are called?

Vector quantity.

What is more convenient to use vector quantity or the scalar quantity and why?

Scalar quantities are easier to deal with, the math is simpler. But if you have quantities that include both a magnitude and a direction, you really have no choice but using a vector quantity, to represent them correctly.

Is force a vector quantity?

Yes. because it is the product of a scalar(mass) and a vector(acceleration) quantities.

Why is the direction of force important?

Force is a vector quantity and vector quantities have both direction and magnitude.

What are the quantities that identifies scalar and vector quantities?

A vector is characterized by having not only a magnitude, but a direction. If a direction is not relevant, the quantity is called a scalar.

Is work a scaler quantity?

work=(force)(distance) means Nmforce and distance are vector quantities, so work is vector quantity.