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the direction and speed of the object are the two things u need 2 know

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How do you know that all objects in motion have a speed?

you now this because speed is how fast an object is ''moving'' and motion is when an object is ''moving''

How do you know motion occurred?

you need to know where the object is and where it is after a period of time

What three laws did of motion did Isaac Newton invent?

All I know is this:An object in motion stays in motion, and an object at rest stays at rest.Hope I helped!

How do you know motion has occurred?

You know motion has occurred when the position of the object has changed. Motion is defined as the action or process of moving or being moved.

How do you know if an object has kinetic energy?

The object is at motion(movement) it possess kinetic energy

Why is a refernce point needed to describe motion?

a reference point is needed in motion because to find out how far an object has moved you need a reference point I don't know if that's true cause that's what I think.

You know the motion of an object if know the distance and what?

The time that it takes for it to cover that distance.

What can graphs reveal about linear motion of an object?

It lets us know how the object can zig-and zag.

What is when an object is in motion?

If you want to know what kind of energy then it is kinetic energy

Describe the second law of motion?

The second law of motion is an equation, F=ma. F = Force m= mass a = acceleration This means the equation means the force required to move an object is equivalent to the mass of the object x how fast you want to move it. We all subconsciously know this law, as we know the heavier the object the more force is required to move it. Also, more force is required to move it faster.

What the speed and the direction an object are moving?

If you know the speed and direction of the object's motion, then you know its velocity.

Can the motion of an object be measured by looking at it?

no you have to get different kinds of rates to know that i the exact answer.

Why is it useful to know net force?

you can the effect of the net force in the object motion

How do you know if something has motion?

You measure the distance from the object to some other object several times and if there is a difference, the objects are in motion to each other. There is no absolute frame of reference in the Universe (according to Einstein).

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