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Speed is the rate at which an object moves. To determine the rate at which that object moves, we'll have to look at a given distance that it covered when it moved, and at the time it took to cover that distance. The distance per unit of time is the speed of the object.

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What two things must you know know to determine average speed?

To determine average speed, you need to know what distance the object traveled in meters over how long it took the object to travel that distance in seconds.

In order to determine speed you must know?

how to calculate velocity and mass first

What two things must you know to describe the motion of an object?

the direction and speed of the object are the two things u need 2 know

What two things must you know to determine velocity?

A2. Distance per unit time are the determinants of velocity. Miles per hour , or km per second.A1. speed and direction

What must you know in order to determine speed?

Speed is a function of distance and time. For example we refer to 'miles per hour' or 'kilometres per hour' or 'feet per second'' or metres per minute' etc. To determine speed, you need to know the distance travelled and the time it took to travel that distance.

What two things must be measured to determine the average speed of an object?

you have to look at a given distances that it covered when it moved , and at the time it took to cover that distance

How can i tell what year is my speed queen washer serial number 4193362?

Must also know the model number in order to determine date.

What 3 things must you know to determine velocity?

the initial velocity vo , the acceleration a. and the time t, are 3; the equation is v = v0 + at

What must be included when reporting an objects velocity-?

Speed and direction of motion are needed to determine velocity.

Why must you know your stength and weakness?

So you can know what the things you are good at and what are the things you can improve on.

How many hours are equal to 219 miles?

You can not convert between units of time and units of length - they measure completely different things. If it is a speed problem, you must know ore assume the speed, then divide the number of miles by the speed.

What must you calcutate to determine the acceleration of an object?

If you know the Force (in Newtons) being applied on it, and its mass (in kg) you can use the equation- a=F/m.orIf you know the final speed (in meters per second), the initial speed and the time (in seconds), use the equation a=[final minus initial]/time.

How long does it take to walk 727 miles?

The question is unanswerable as posed. You must know the speed at which the person is walking to derive an answer. For instance, the average speed for most people walking is 3 MPH. If we divide 3 into 727 we get 242.3 hours. Determine your speed and divide that into your distance for the answer to your question.

What are some things in Latin that you must know?

What you do not know about Latin is what you must know! Then you will know what to know in Latin, or any other language or skill with which you attempt.

Is the earths orbit faster than the speed of light?

We know that the answwer must be "No", simply because we know that NOTHING is faster than the speed of light.

What factors help determine an organisms niche?

To determine an organisms niche, you must know what it eats, where it lives, and how it interacts with other organisms.

What must you know about an atom to determine its mass number?

The number of protons and neutrons in its' nucleus.

Fact must be known to determine the average slope between the two points?

The distance between two points must be known to determine the average slope between the two points. You must also know the change in elevation.

What two things are fundamental to good putting?

Striking the ball squarely with the face of the putter is essential to holing the ball. However, you must know the lie of the green in order to determine your shot's direction.

What are two properties you must know to determine density?

You can obtain density by dividing mass / volume.

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