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Q: What two things passes from the mother to the baby?
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If a mother has a baby band she grows up and has a baby and the mother has a baby what would the two babys be?

The mum's baby would be an aunt or an uncle, depending on the gender.

Which of the two will be deported if an illegal alien has a baby in the U.S?

not the mother nor the baby

When a young baby elephant dies does the mother elephant cry?

They don't cry, no, but they do mourn. Crying and mourning, especially for animals like elephants, are two different things.

How long do baby blue whales stay with there mother?

Two Weeks

Is work being done on the two baby swans by the mother swan?

Work involves energy and force. In this case, the mother swan carries the two baby swans across the water. The mother is using its energy to exert force upwards to carry the weight of the two baby swans, and also exerting force to propel themselves across the water.

What two things start with baby?

Babysitter and babydoll

Does a mother hamster have to feed their baby?

Yes they do. A mother hamster usually feeds the puppies for two weeks after they are born.

How long do orcas stays with their mother?

Baby orcas nurse for one year but stay with their mother for two years.

How long do baby elephants drink their mother's milk?

Baby elephants nurse for up to two years of age.

How long do baby bears stick with there mom?

Baby bears may stay with the mother for two years or more.

What is baby yaga?

It is a mixture of my two favorite things! Lady gaga and baby yoga.

How does the umbilical cord help the baby?

Everything, from glucose to vitamins to disposing of waste from the baby.