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What two types of powers do congress have?


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Congress has expressed and implied powers. Expressed are strictly stated powers in the Constitution. Implied powers are derived from the elastic clause of the Constitution.

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The President has Executive powers, Congress has Legislative powers.

Military power and trade power are two of the tree powers of congress. The third power of congress is fiscal power.

One of the expressed powers of congress is the ability to collect taxes. Another expressed power of congress is to support the Armies.

Congress can declare war (senate) and ratify treaties.

the power to declare war war powers act: congress can end troop commitment at any time

There are two main types of powers of attorney, durable and nondurable, and two subclasses within those types (immediate and "springing").

There are two main sources that give Congress the ability to draw its powers in Foreign Affairs. These powers include the ability to create treaties and the ability to declare war.

Congress and the House of Representatives

to levy taxes, declare war, and to make laws

President doesnt check the powers of congress, congress checks the powers of the President

Article I of the US Constitution deals specifically with the establishment and powers of Congress. Section 8 gives Congress the power to coin money and to declare and collection of taxes.

The Constitution states the powers of Congress.

The two Executive Powers given to Congress are: The Senate must confirm any Presidential appointments by a majority vote, and the Senate is required to confirm all treaties by a two-thirds vote.

Powers granted to Congress by the Constitution includes general powers, enumerated powers, and implied powers. For example, Congress has the power to collect taxes and pay the debts.

The United States is a government of enumerated powers. Congress, and the other two branches of the federal government, can only exercise those powers given in the Constitution.The powers of Congress are enumerated in several places in the Constitution. The most important listing of congressional powers appears in Article I, Section 8 (see left) which identifies in seventeen paragraphs many important powers of Congress. In this section, we consider how several of the enumerated powers of Congress under the original Constitution have been interpreted.

Powers given to the president by congress are called expressed powers.

Congress' powers are listed in Article one of the Constitution. Specific powers are enumerated in section eight. Congress has expressed powers that are written in the Constitution and implied powers that are not expressed.

Expressed powers are powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution.

it means the powers congress doesnt have -elizabeth :)

powers that arre used to check the other branches of government these are set for in the constitution

Congress has some powers that fall under the 'Necessary and Proper' clause. These powers are any powers Congress may exercise to carry out its functions.

Enumerated powers are powers that congress has that are not stated explicitly in the US Constitution.

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