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'oru', meaning 'folding', and 'gami', meaning 'paper'.

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Q: What two words is Origami derived from?
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Where did the name origami come from?

origami originates from japan. the name origami comes from two words...oru, meaning fold and kani, meaning paper! there u go! ORUKANI-ORIGAMI!

What are the two greek words calligraphy are derived from?

What two words was vitamin derived from?

vital + amine

Who was the first person two make a origami?

who was the first person to fold origami

Etymology is derived from two Greek words and means?

the study of words in history

What is the word 'origami' when translated for English to Japanese?

It's a Japanese word. Ori (folding) & kami (paper) is were it is derived.

What English words originated from japan?

Here are three words, karaoke, origami and bonsai.

Which word is derived from two greek words meaning a circle of learning?


How do you make a origami couch?

Make two origami chairs and glue/tape it together. That's how you make a ugly couch!

Words that start with o and ends in i?

origami, okapi, oribi, obi

What do you call a word from which another word is derived?

A word that has another word derived from it is called an Eponym. The two words will usually have different meanings.

What does origami means and explain some project of origami?

Origami is made up of two words, ori, which means folding, and kami, which means paper. You can create pretty much anything with origami, but there are a few rules: no glue/tape, and no cutting. (The art of cutting paper, which is not nearly as popular, is called kirigami.) Some examples of what you could fold are a rose, a crane, and an inflatable balloon. A great way of learning origami is by checking the video's fo the following people on YouTube: jonakashima, tadashimori and robh0629.