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If you do not know what type to give, you should not be administering care to a patient.

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Q: What type of IV solution should you give someone who is dehydrated?
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What should you do when dogs is dehydrated?

Give it water. If its MASSIVELY dehydrated, take it to a vet and they can give liquids intraveneously.

Why give a dehydrated person saline solution in an iv rather than distilled water?

Saline solution is a type of salt water and when someone is dehydrated, it is given in an IV to help replace the salt the body lost. Distilled water would not replace the lost salt.

Should you give a dehydrated person cold water?

no, sips of room temperature water.

What do you do when you have to give someone something but you don't want to?

If have to give it to them then give it to them. of you dont then dont, the solution seems simple.

What do you do when someone has food poisoning?

Give them Imodium to help with the diarrhea, give them plenty of liquids to keep them from getting dehydrated (I recommend chicken soup), and get out of their way when they have to puke (and they will...a lot).

How much pedialyte should you give your dehydrated 8 week old kitten?

A kitten who is severely dehydrated should be seen by a vet as soon as possible. If your vet has directed you to provide Pedialyte to a dehydrated kitten, mix one teaspoon into tuna juice or chicken broth and offer it to the kitten several times a day.

Can you give a sentence with the word dehydrated?

Example sentence - Our first dehydrated food experience was beef jerky.

Why is your skin dry and itchy?

You might be dehydrated or you mightjust have exema. You should go to a doctor just to be sure. If you have exema they will give you some special cream, but if you are dehydrated then the might have to admit you in the hospital if it is too severe.

Would you give someone who is dehydrated pure sodium chloride. Defend your reasoning and and explain your logic.?

Uh... Why would you give anyone that is dehydrated anything but water?-Salt does not hydrate the body. Only water (H2O) will hydrate the body. Salt will help retain water, but only if you're actually drinking water, which in the context of the question is not the case.-If you're referring to a salt water solution, then I wouldn't recommend anyone drink it whether they were dehydrated or not. Drinking only salt water would result in death from dehydration.So, no in both cases.

How do you know if your hamster is dehydrated?

yu can tell by if it is on the floor passed out then it is dehydrated or if it is swetting milk or water which ever you give to it.

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What can you do for a dehydrated wild newborn rabbit at home?

give him water

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Do you give water to a heat stroke victim?

It's critical that you do; they're dehydrated. But slowly.

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If someone is unconscious but has a pulse should you perform CPR?

If someone is unconscious but has a pulse, you should NOT perform CPR. Give rescue breathing if there is no breathing, but there is a pulse.

What type of saline solution would you give a patient with head trauma?

Saline solution should always be in given as a concentration of 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl).

Can baby Tylenol cause orange urine?

Your baby is sick and probably dehydrated. Give water.

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