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Q: What type of algorithm used in virtual reality?
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What are the virtual reality technologies?

Virtual reality is a computer simulation that imitates reality. Virtual reality can be used for entertainment or for science. (calculation, etc.) Nowadays, virtual reality is used to heal phobia. It is used to train pilots.

What are the uses of virtual reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is mostly used in gaming platforms but now it's useful for real estate marketing purposes. VR helps to get a potential client in minimum time. Bit-VR is the best virtual tour company in India.

Virtual Boy is what type of gaming system?

The Virtual Boy by Nintendo was a 3D gaming system that used a form of virtual reality for the illusion of 3D. It used parallax to for the illusion of three dimensions on a screen that was two dimensional.

What are the functions of virtual reality?

It can be used to view things easier to scientists and for Entertainments for others. Things that usually have the same reaction can be change easier with Virtual Reality.

Could brain waves be used to create a virtual reality?


When is minimum mean square error algorithm used?

This type of algorithm is commonly used in n dimensional clustering applications. This mean is commonly the simplest to use and a typical algorithm employing the minimum square error algorithm can be found in McQueen 1967.

What is used by computers to simulate a real or imagined environment that appears as a 3 dimensional space?

That would be Virtual Reality.

Where did jaron lanier coined the term virtual reality?

Actually, the term "virtual reality" was coined in 1982 by science fiction author Damien Broderick, in The Judas Mandala -- at least five years before Lanier used it.

Can virtual reality be used to control others' thoughts?

NO. Hmmmm...that might depend on how "real" the virtual reality seemed to those viewing it. If the virtual reality was close enough to "real reality" so as to be undetectable, then I should think that, yes, you could control others' thoughts by allowing them to view (and consequently incorporate into their belief system) a "reality" that wasn't true. (Hope that makes sense...I know what I'm thinking, just not sure it's coming out right.)

How does virtual function support run time polymorphism?

Virtual functions are used to suport runtime polymorphism.In C++,if we have inheritance and we have overridden functions in the inherited classes,we can declare a base class pointer and make it to point to the objects of derived classes.When we give a keyword virtual to the base class functions,the compiler will no do static binding,so during runtime ,the base class pointer can be used to call the functions of the derived classes.Thus virtual functions support dynamic polymorphism.

What type of number generator is used to generate social insurance numbers in Canada?

The Luhn algorithm is used.