What type of calendar do Americans use?

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the amans use a christian calendar.

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Q: What type of calendar do Americans use?
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Does everyone on earth use the same calendar?

No. There is the Gregorian calendar (used by Americans, Europeans, and Japanese), a Hebrew calendar, and a Muslim calendar at least. Here's a link to a Chinese calendar and an Indian calendar.

What is the calendar that Americans us called?

Gregorian Calendar!

What month does the Spanish calendar start?

Spaniards use the Gregorian Calendar just like US Americans and Britons. It starts on January 1st.

What type of calendar did the Egyptians use?

They used the Egyptian Calender.

What is a perpetual calendar?

A perpetual calendar is the type of calendar that can be adjusted for any year. This type of calendar can be reused each year.

What is an agrarian calendar?

An agrarian calendar is a farming calendar. School's still use this type of calendar, it is based on planting, and harvesting. This is why schools had summer vacation. Summer was when children were needed at home to help with farming.

What calendar dose Islam use?

the Islamic calendar._________________________________Lunar calendar

Which ancient Americans made the most accurate calendar?

The Aztec calendar recognised 365 days

What type of calendar is the Islamic calendar?

The Islamic, or Hijri, calendar is a lunar calendar based on the moon's phases.

What type of transportation did the ancient Shawnee Indians use?

What type of transportation did Shawnee Native Americans use?

How did Americans get the days of the week?

They brought the calendar with them from Europe.

What type of calendar was used when christ was born?

It was the Roman calendar.

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