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Q: What type of cloud does fluffy or piled describe?
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What is cloud type?

fluffy fluffy

Which is not considered as a main type of cloud?

a fluffy one

What type of cloud is bright white and fluffy?


What type of cloud is white and fluffy?

regular clouds

What type of cloud appears to be piled up from low to high altitudes?

Cumulus Clouds

What is cumuloninmbus?

Cumulonimbus is a type of cloud, very dense and fluffy, sometimes pure white or they can be dark and grey, heavy rain and thunderstorms are usually associated with this cloud.

Describe a stratocumulus cloud?

A stratocumulus cloud is a type of low-lying, gray, thickly layered cloud that appears lumpy. It can sometimes create light precipitation.

What type of cloud is fluffy and low?

stratus clouds are the lowest clouds but cumulus clouds are the white fluffy ones cumulus clouds turn into cumbulimbous clouds when filled but with rain. The only problem is cumulus clouds are not found low!

What type of clouds appear piled to be piled up from low to high altitudes?

Cumulus Clouds

Which type of cloud would you expect to be involved in some form of precipitation?

I would think the more fluffy and thick ones, because they can hold a lot of water, unlike the thin kind.

What type clouds are made of ice crystals?

Some prefixes of cloud names describe the height of the cloud bases. Some clouds' names combine the altitude prefix with the term status or cumulus. The answer for the question is Cirrostratus.

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