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Nimbus or nimbostratus.

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What is the air temperature of the air and cloud when it rains?

The air temperature of the air is cold when it rains and the cloud temperature is cold when it rains

How do you think the shape and type of clouds affect the conditions and patterns?

When is is a grey cloud it rains and when it is whit it doesnt

What is the name of the cloud you see when it rains?

A rain cloud is usually a "nimbus" cloud such as the nimbostratus and cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds.

Where does rain go after it rains?

it goes into the sewers and comes out of the sea and the heat of the sun evaporates it in to a cloud and it rains again

What happens when water vapor condenses?

It forms a cloud then it rains

What do you call it when a cloud holds all the water they can hold?

it rains .

What kind of clouds are usually in the sky when it rains?

it is most likely to be either a nimbostratus cloud or a cumulus cloud.

What kind of help do cloud provide the planet?

It provides water when it rains.

What happens when the water from a cloud becomes to heavy to float?

it obviously rains :)

What is the precipitation of cumulus cloud?

it rains snow,rain,hail and sleet

What are the three precipatation?

when the cloud gets heavy and rains or sleets or hails or snows

What happens inside a cloud during the mature stage of a thunderstorm?

Warm air rises up into the cloud while heavy rains fall

How does a cloud forms?

The moisturefrom the ground or lakes and ponds evaporate and then the clouds get heavy and then it rains......

What is presipatation?

Presipatation in the water cycle, is when the water droplets that form a cloud, get heavy and it rains.

With what type of charge is a cloud charged?

type of charged is a cloud is negative charged type of charged is a cloud is negative charged

Are hurricanes a type of cloud?

no it is not a type of cloud it is a type of storm or natural disaster or storm

What cause precipitation?

Precipitayion hapens or occurs when to much evaporation has happened.When the cloud in the sky is full to its max limit it rains because, the cloud is to heavy

What is the lowest type of cloud in the sky?

The cirrus is the lowest type of cloud.

Do deserts often form a rain cloud?

no because it's dry and barley ever rains

WHAT substances is most commonly used for cloud seeding like artificial rains?

potassium chloride

When vapour condense into a liquid?

If it happens in a cloud, the drops combine until too heavy, and it rains.

Why does flash floods form?

Flash floods are formed due to cloud brusts and torrential rains.

What type of cloud is a whispy cloud?


What type of cloud has dust in it?

a dust cloud

Type of clouds in which thunderstorm?

The type of cloud that produces thunderstorms is a cumulonimbus cloud.